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Carli Pierce

Brooklyn, United States

Member since October 24, 2008

  • Recycle While You Shop


    I think this is a trend that is starting to pick-up (or at least I hope it is) — stores offering discounts or incentives when you donate used goods.

    Two major retailers offering a good program:


    Bring in an empty used container from their products to recycle and receive free new products in return. The more you bring in the larger your gift becomes. Bring in 3 empty containers and get a tube of lip gloss, or bring it 10 containers and you get to pick out any product (less that $25) for free.

    Timberland Shoes

    Visit a Timberland store to donate a used pair of shoes and you'll get 10% off a new pair of Timberlands. Timberland is partnering with Soles4Souls, who donates shoes to those who need them.

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