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Jennifer Riggi

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • questionnaire/survey #1 (for VNAs and Caretakers)


    1. What kinds of equipment do you use to treat your patients? (Check all that apply)

    Sharps (Syringes, Needles, IV's)

    Medications in liquid form

    Medications in pill form

    Any Other Equipment?

    2. Where do you treat patients?

    In the Home

    In a Hospital

    A Private Practice

    Other (please specify)

    3. Where do you feel the safest when you are treating patients?

    In the Home

    In the Hospital

    A Private Practice

    I do not feel safe at all

    Other (please specify)

    4. If you do not feel safe, Why?

    5. Which place do you feel is the cleanest while you are treating patients?

    In the Home

    In the Hospital

    A Private Practice

    I do not feel clean at all

    Other (please specify)

    6. Do you feel the safest in this clean place?

    7. If you do not feel clean, Why is that?

    8. Please rate these questions in terms of treating patients in the home. (1) Very Convenient, (2) Somewhat Convenient, (3) Slightly Inconvenient, (4) Very Inconvenient, (5) Equipment travels conveniently.

    Equipment travels conveniently.

    Equipment is accessed conveniently.

    Disposal of equipment after use.

    9. When you are done with the equipment what do you do with it? Please give a specific example.

    10. What kinds of equipment do you dispose of and where do you dispose of them?

  • Visual Representation

  • Although I tried to subtly probe the safe and clean issue in terms of waste disposal, I didn't get much information. I didn't want to ask a leading question regarding whether or not the nurse felt that he/she was unsafe because of improper disposal procedures. It was very interesting to find that disposal was inconvenient. I would be interested to understand why and maybe go from there. I'm starting to think that if disposal is easier, people will make the right decisions. That is my hypothesis. Same thing applies to my other survey. Its easier for people to throw pills away in the garbage, yet most of them do not know the proper way to dispose. Making it easier could save a lot of drugs and toxins from entering our food and water supply.

  • Jen, I think your survey may have been a bit too vague in the way you framed the questions. I understand that you were trying to be very careful about the wording so that you would not expose your own prejudices and preferences; but sometimes its better to ask a direct question. I am a little worried that you are going to have difficulty coming up with a suitable thesis subject. I don't think that it is enough to just design another disposal receptacle. At the same time, unless you get more specific information about this issue from people who are dealing with this every day, you may not be able to develop a suitable hypothesis. Let's talk tomorrow in class. Maybe we can brainstorm this together. steven

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