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Areum Joo

new york, ny, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • My Revised Thesis statement


    My mission is to help natural disaster victims to efficiently respond to their immediate needs by utilizing their surroundings.

  • Hi Areum,

    Sorry to nag, but I would like you to try to be more specific. It's not possible to evaluate this without knowing more about what you hope to make. How will disaster victims utilize their surrounding? will they build temporary shelters from materials that they have, with help from your product? Will they be able to purify water or store food without refrigeration? Please find out more about the kinds of challenges that people face in these conditions. For example, after the Tsumani many [organizations donated money, food, medicine and other things](). Take a look at this, maybe it will give you ideas about what kind of things are needed after a disaster of this magnitude. Another idea would be to develop some kind of early warning system for disasters using cell phones. If there was a good way to let people know that danger was coming they could potentially prepare. In the case of the big Tsunami, many, many people would have been saved by just moving away from the coastline.

    By the way, are you able to attach a picture to your postings on the blog? Lately when I have tried that, it has not worked. Let me know.



  • In response to please be more specific, posted by steven landau,
    in the thread My Revised Thesis statement

    Thanks for the advice!

    I’m still in the process of researching and I’ll be more specific with my mission statement soon!

    Also, about the images, I posted some images but it is not showing on the blog

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