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Douglas Best

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Design Examples: E V O L V E

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Traps Drum set. A transportable drum set. Weighs 55 pounds.

    Not sure how well it travels. Or what that looks like. Not sure how the drums sound...

    Is it a sacrifice from a real drum set, with shells?

    What is the benefit?

    Positive/negative aspects...

    How are you meant to travel with this...What is its use story.

    Would this solve any space issues for drummers playing the subway? Is that a concern?

    the I PHONE has music applications, which utilize the touch screen capability in the form of a piano keyboard, and a guitar fret board.

    The experience of use is novelty at best.
    You can use one finger from each hand to poke at notes on the keyboard.

    The action of playing is not authentic to the physical parameters of its archetype.

    In other words you can't play chords with both hands, it has minimal functionality as a piano...

    perhaps you can poke out a melody, to get a tune in your head.... for interstitial melodic spontaneity. I

    I haven't seen anyone using these applications on their I phones in the subway yet.
    I wonder if you can record what you play, that might prove a viable designed intervention....then I can use my I P HONE keyboard as a Juke Box Memory, I can collect audio clips, and make play lists.

    A more integrated system which helps the musician evolve his/her musical expressions.
    I've read that an artist keeps a visual inventory of their work, so the kinds of shapes they create maintained as a repertoire of work.

    Process/Meditative focus Super Learning.

    The Pop up speaker.

    Satisfies a compact, form, palm sized speaker, for the I POD or mp3


    Satisfies a portability criterion.

    Surprising action.

    Inventive, analog/electric, simple technology, speaker, magnet, wire, battery, dc/ac power, transformer...

    action, changes sound properties, popping open the palm sized sphere creates an air chamber for the speaker to resonate within.

    Material dexterity....

    Perhaps the PoP up Palm could be part of an Isolation system. A portable Isolation system that was a SOFT intervention. Using Industrial Felt...or high tech fabrics, for sound absorption, and sheet like structural flexibility, stiffness, ....

    Shape, Contour, topography

    I imagine a person with an instrument self contained, in a pop open sound envelope.

  • Lydia_kavina_177_

    Douglas, It's not that surprising that the IPhone apps that simulate a piano keyboard or guitar are not that good. It would probably make more sense to develop a new instrument that capitalizes on the IPhone capabilities, rather than trying to make a piano out of an IPhone. I know that there are driving games for the IPhone that take advantage of the tilt sensor so that as you rotate the device in space, you can simulate steering a car. Perhaps it would be possible to develop a theremin-like instrument that used to tilt sensor to adjust pitch or volume.

  • Hi Doug, I am not sure if you have ever heard of this crazy drum called the hang drum (pronounced hung). It is like a steel drum that you play with your hands but it generates amazing sounds and is an excellent blend of music and technology. The drum was invented by two guys in Switzerland in 2000. They are the only two people in the world who make them so they are incredibly rare. I hope this cool little drum could help inspire you. None the less the sound of it is fantastic.


  • In response to Hang Drum, posted by gutterboy,
    in the thread Design Examples: E V O L V E

    Yea this thing is cool, I found this last semester during materials limited edition research.

    Its like an inverted calypso drum... I like the form, it looks satisfying to play.

    Metal music.

    I like some of the actions you do with your hands, where a thumb hits one patch, and the rest of the hand hits an opposite patch.

    this seems like an interesting metal forming process... it makes me visualize form, and materials as affecting sound....

    The creation process, creating, or dictating sound culture....cultivation...sound culture.

    A good guitarist in the subway makes traffic happen on a platform.

  • Hi Douglas, it is really interesting, I was keep thinking about what I mentioned to you before, about the hearing improvements of musicians who played classical music especially string instruments’ musicians and also the hearing lost for musicians who play rock music, especially drums. I found a Hearing Foundation in Canada, they did some commercial for the problems of hearing lost.

    Click to go to Hearing Foundation of Canada

    Click here to go to

  • In response to Turn it Down, posted by Herng Fuu Richard Yeh,
    in the thread Design Examples: E V O L V E

    This is funny... they talk so loud...

  • This is an article from The New York Times by Julie Connelly, she’s talking about why hearing aids can not restore full hearings like vision does. One of the paragraphs she said ” The hair cells transmit signals received from the bones in the middle ear to the auditory nerve, which sends them to the brain. Aging and exposure to noise cause hair cells to die off, starting with those that transmit high-frequency sounds like “s” and “t.” Medical science has not yet found a way to repair this nerve damage.”

    To Read the Whole Article please Click here

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