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Leah Waldman

New York, NY, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Human Behavior/War



    A. Inflicting physical and emotional pain on others- and what happens when we go too far..?

    B. I think a lot about human relations and interactions, and how we affect each other, and how we are different from each other. I think about how various characteristics of humans such as self-obsession, fear, and ignorance can lead to us inflicting pain on one another, whether physically or emotionally. And this leads me to think about war, the extreme of this type of human behavior. I think of loss, suffering, separation, exploitation…

    C./D. An existing product that deals with the practical issues of war is food aid packages. This solution addresses the immediate need of a community after a devastating event. The food aid packages are dropped by airplanes in areas that are hunger-ridden. However, this intersection is politically and economically controlled, and is often not successful in reaching the severely needy. It is also a donor-driven system, which may not have development as its primary goal. I want to work towards something more conceptual… A tool for making people aware of the horror of our actions.

    E. Essentially, the issue of war affects everyone. It may first directly affect minorities or the under-privileged or innocent people caught in the middle of a political rift, but eventually everyone is affected- politically, economically… With my thesis idea, I hope to make people aware of how their actions may severely affect others.

    F. I looked at organizations that deal with preventing war and those that help individuals affected by war, that I am interested in contacting to further research this topic. -United Nations Peace Keeping -UNHCR- United Nations High Commission of Refugees -International Peacekeeping Journal -UNICEF -International Committee of the Red Cross -World Relief -World Relief Organization -Various news sources from around the world -Doctors without borders

    I also think it would be helpful to speak with people who are not directly affected by war in order to get a broad range of opinions and beliefs about the topic. I would also like to talk to people directly affected by war, as well as people involved in war who are not victims, and psychologists. I want to be able to understand war in regards to human behavior.

    G. The next step for me would be to talk to individuals in order to get an understanding of this complex human behavior that can lead to war- the reasons for why we resort to it.

  • Leah:

    I like where this is going. I wonder if there might be some local antiwar groups who you might connect with who could provide the local "costs" of these current occupations. Also, the American Psychological Association membership recently voted and passed a measure that prohibits clinicians from engaging in efforts to enable torture --particularly from the US government. Might be worth looking into.



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