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Serdar Gizer

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • TWiST: The Way I See iT - Serdar

    Community, Industrial Design

    The place I spend most of my time is my apartment in East Village. Above all things I would like it to be newer, that would be my #1 vision for change. If it was renovated with new and substantial materials, everyone would benefit from the drop in utilities and maintenance fees. What we can do is to change the windows with safer and better insulating ones and using self cleaning, dust repellent paint and finishes, like Teflon for exterior surfaces.

    My #1 Vision for my neighborhood would be for it to be cleaner with better garbage control. This would be in the benefit of everyone bringing the advantages of better pest control, cleaner and wider sidewalks and less odor. As the people of the neighborhood, we can help by wrapping our waste better, using proper garbage bins of adequate size and number, adopting garbage chute systems and keeping the street gardens well-kept.

    When I imagine the world the way I most want it to be I have the #1 vision for change of global fair trade and peace. If this vision can become a reality, it would cause a positive shift in the global economy, empower the middle class and allow people to do the jobs they want to do. To make this vision a reality, we can support fair trade industries and support groups and parties with anti-war agendas.

    The #1 vision for change that I want to work on is re-designing for the better world, seeing better opportunities in products and unfolding the opportunities while incorporating them into my designs.

  • 3guys_177_

    I was walking down the street the other day and realized that a worker was covering the windows of a bank with a clear film. It was crystal clear and invisible once it was applied. After some research I found out that it was probably the 3M Window Film.

    This is what I found out about it: 3M Window Film is a super durable film, as seen in the picture, that you stick on the exterior of your windows. It protects the glass, covers cracks and holes, filters UV rays and other factors that cause fading of the color of furniture, hardwood and fabrics and a specific type also reflects heat and fights over-heating in summer. Under many circumstances, this can be a step to save some electricity and money spent on maintenance. Remember that sun can fade and yellow paperwork, magazines, books and photography so much faster, and I'm telling this from experience.

  • Garbagebags_177_

    These damask printed garbage bags are very hard to find these days but a year ago they were the most chic. Rather than finding a good solution to garbage, some people bought these garbage bags to feel better about their waste.

  • Crudeblack_177_

    This necklace by Design Glut is specially designed for the day that oil hit $100 per gallon on January 2, 2008. It is perhaps another satire about the war and it's effects on the people's lives worldwide. Even when some countries fight over something we do not reason and feel isolated from, it does effect us.

  • In response to "They" Fight, posted by Serdar Gizer,
    in the thread TWiST: The Way I See iT - Serdar

    I was just in NC and SC this past weekend and almost every gas station along the 3 hour drive was closed because they couldn't afford to offer gas.

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