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Derek Stewart

Conegliano, TV, Italy

Designer (Art Direction)

Member since June 04, 2008

  • Hidden Depths Poster

    Environment, Communication Design


    Really liked this poster by student Sarah Cupitt, from Kingston Polytechnic (UK), selected with other work by Michael Johnson and posted on his website.

    “Sarah Cupitt’s hidden depths poster looks innocuous at first, then on closer inspection....reveals its creatures to be plastic, to protest against the increasing amount of litter in our oceans."

  • plastic is largely an invention in the days of the old luxury where material objects represent wealth and today's terms and indeed for the future, the new luxury will largely be about examining one's wealth through minimising impactful waste and one's use of technology to attain any form of contentment... such as to won a large piece of land only to build the smallest unit of accommodation, anything that looks no more than a shed, with absolute minimal provisions as a bath a pantry and perhaps no bed. the basic necessity is all that is required to achieve the new luxury..avoid all manufactured products at all costs.

  • ???

    is that a response? Seems like you're tuned to the wrong station, pal.

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Design, when nourished by a deep spiritual concern for planet, environment, and people, results in a moral and ethical viewpoint. Starting from this point of departure will provide new forms and expressions - the new aesthetic - we are all desperately trying to find. Victor Papanek from 'The Green Imperative'.

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  • Industrial Design
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