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Kumi Mimura

New York, United States

Member since March 10, 2008

  • Love, Language, Learn: A language learning guide for people in intercultural marriages

    Education, Industrial Design


    NFP: Swirl, Inc helped me to connect with not only people in intercultural relationships, but also people who grew up in a multicultural family.

    Issue: Many people in an intercultural marriage do not speak their partner’s native language. This can lead to loss of culture, language, or tradition.

    Description of Design Solution: L3 provides people in intercultural marriages with a calendar, activity cards, bedtime story cards, and recipe cards designed to stimulate communication and interaction for enjoyable language-learning experience.

    Intended benefits: L3 helps couples develop an interest and understanding for each other’s native language and culture. It also allows couples to communicate with people in similar situations through an online community.

    Next step: The next step of this project would be to customize the content for a variety of languages including Spanish, Korean, Italian, and Chinese.

  • Kumi,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    This is a very interesting design challenge that, in our ever-increasing multicultural communities, I'm sure many people can relate to! You've articulated a pretty clear problem statement and your proposed solution offers a package of tools for people to use at their leisure. I'd like a little more detail about the CONTENT of the language-learning guide(s), however:

    Are you partnering with an existing language methodology (like Rosetta Stone)? Are you finding a way to enhance language-instruction schools around the world that might benefit by partnering with this project and sharing (Open Source style) their teaching methodologies? Perhaps there could be a companion website that members could access and download these tools and, even better, share stories of the struggles and triumphs of intercultural their learning evolves (or not)...and how their culture can sustain (or not)?

    There's lots of room for here for rich storytelling! Great idea. Best of luck, J.

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