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Yoon Choi

jersey city, NJ, United States

Member since April 15, 2008

  • Shhh...Play with Silence

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Shhh…Play with Silence is a puzzle set to improve communication among hearing and deaf or hard-of-hearing children.

    I have been advised from CoCo (Center for Opportunities, Choices & Outcomes) which is an after school program for children who needs special care. Eileen Whelan is a P.P.S Coordinator in St Francis de Sales School for the Deaf gave me information about deaf children and their lives.

    Most deaf children experience a barrier when they try to play with hearing children since they do not have an easy way to communicate. In order to break this barrier, they must be sharing, considering, and harmonizing each other.

    My thesis project is a communicative and educational puzzle set that targets 2 to 5 year olds. Through play “Shhh…play with Silence”, both deaf and hearing children can develop and understand better the alternative ways of seeing, hearing, and moving.

    Through the puzzle set “Shhh…Play with Silence”, hearing children will allow deaf or hard-of-hearing children to better understand their communication method. Children could interest about further step of learning sign language. Through the game, hearing children can understand better about deaf culture and deaf children can involve in hearing world easier.

  • Yoonj,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    Great idea to find a design concept to link deaf children with hearing peers. It's very important to enhance communication in every way possible between those who have a full range of senses and those who do not. Especially at a young age.

    I wonder, however, how this puzzle has unique benefits? What exactly does it do different from other tools available right now?

    It's very unclear just by looking at your image attached what the puzzle is meant to do. Is it meant to simply introduce sign language among hearing and deaf children? If so, how does it do this exactly? Can you give more detailed description about this game as a learning tool?

    Your intention is admirable. Push it further and think of how to describe how it might be developed and distributed among nursery or elementary schools nation-wide.

    Thanks, and good luck! J.

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