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  • "Define Green Design" Competition for DESIGN GREEN NOW TOUR

    Environment, Environmental Design


    What is "green design"? You tell us! In collaboration with DESIGN 21, DESIGN GREEN NOW is challenging YOU to post definitions. Please post and vote. You could be among the winners! The top 10 responses will be announced on DESIGN GREEN NOW's homepage and five with the most votes will receive NEW Allumonde Acrylic Sets in Adult Sizes.

  • P1030007_177_

    "Green Design" is a design that goes beyond concept and production. "Green Design" is a design that has evolved to best suit its' ecosystem.

  • Earth_177_

    Green Design means different things to everyone and everything depending on its perspective:

    To me the Green mind-set is the realization that a rebirth of humans relationship with earth is imperative! "Green Design" encourage us as creators of things to not only "plug" problems we have created via design/redesign, but begin to re-evaluate our negative habits as consumers and users of materials, creatively. In turn as the ball start rolling, the more environmentally conscious the consumer will become, "Green" will go back to being a color and our civilization will be healthier and more environmentally considerate, while remaining productive as a society. Its a whole lifestyle redesign and it starts with + action!

    " We will never completely "destroy" the earth, only the things that enable life to live on it" -Rusty Allen

  • Recycle_177_

    Green design is competitive, affordable design that is sustainable in a way that the product whether physical or soft-copy would consume the least energy in production and application, minimal use of material particularly non-renewable sources, produce no ecologically hazardous waste, and that is used efficiently for long terms and is highly recyclable.

  • What do companies mean when they create eco-friendly products? There’s a big difference between making small changes to a product, and then marketing it as green, and creating truly sustainable offerings.

    Poland Spring’s Eco-Shaped bottle uses less plastic than any other water bottle. But the packaging is still plastic, and bottled water is a product that still produces excessive amounts of waste. So ultimately, this effort by Poland Spring rides the line of greenwashing.

    True sustainable design is a product, manufacturing process, or business model, that creates minimal waste — whatever it produces for consumption, it takes back and reuses.

    Sustainability = business and industry that mimics the cycle of life.

    Some are calling this the next industrial revolution . Rather than the cradle to grave processes that dominated the 20th century, where corporations viewed nature as a limitless resource, cradle to cradle design requires a complete rethinking.

    Tomorrow’s businesses will be based on timeless models like photosynthesis and the carbon cycle…

    Here's a link to this on my blog:

  • The designers ability to adapt to arising problems such as the enviroment, gives them the opertunities to solved problems in a more considerate and contious way, providing better designed solutions.

    The main focus should be Cradle to Cradle what will happen once the product is damage or broken? we would be able to do this by using the "RE" rules of recycle, reuse and repair. being able to predict what will happen to product after their life span runs out is a skill. being able to provide solutions after its death is obviously designing green.

    So overall being more considerated of EVERY impact you will have on the world around you and counteracting it is green design!

  • If you take all the vehicles with products enroute to your city -- place them in a staging area close to the city -- then allow only green powered vehicles to deliver products in the city or zoned area-- a step towards pollution control

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