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Linda Lopez

New York, NY, United States


Member since July 18, 2007

  • Hi Linda/Team Design21/ MCAI-NY

    I regret to say this but the designs that the judges have selected are far away from the actual concept of LOGO DESIGN. Most of the designs listed in 10-13 selected entries are incorrect CONCEPTUALLY, THEORETICALLY. Looking at only Aesthetic nature of it does not solve the purpose.

    Being into the Design Industry for over 30 Years, I can say that , designer behind these designs have run for Beautiful look of it, and Colors. These are more of like Posters but we were not looking for a poster. Were we?

    Infact the most popular entry wont be suited on Letter pads, Visiting Cards, Bookmarks ,if printed as a logo.

    I would suggest to recheck all the 1600 entries again and look for better designs. Just to judge something for the sake of of it, would be like fooling ourselves unnecessarily. All I can say is, lets not CONCEPT of DESIGN fail, just for the sake of Judgement.

    --Regards Tom Riddler

  • Funny...all this work and grief for naught:

    from stories from the field website:

    "Owing to unforeseen circumstances, the April 2008 edition of Stories from the Field, the United Nations Documentary Film Festival has been [canceled] and the project placed on hiatus until further notice "

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