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Christian Aldo Pecina

Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

Member since November 27, 2007


    Communication, Communication Design


    Esta es mi primer blog, y lamento mucho que el tópico sea este, pero no pude subir mi propuesta acerca del concurso del logotipo para el Festival de Documentales de la Naciones Unidas, estuve intentándolo todo el día, envié notas al contacto de Design 21, pero no hubo respuesta, esta es solo una manera de quejarme y ver si todavía se puede hacer algo, de cualquier forma, aquí les dejo mi propuesta, a ver que opinan.... This is my first blog, and i'm really sorry about the theme, but it's the only way to submit my complaint, because nobody answered me, besides i wrote to the team of Design 21. Well, i just want to write about my dissapoint about it, because i worked really hard to finish the logo ON time, and i was here, in front of the computer, almost the whole day, and i COULDN'T upload my proposal, I wrote to the Design 21 team ind i got no answer, I wish that there's something else to do about this. I leave here my proposal, tell me what you think about it...

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