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  • Daniel Stillman

    Daniel Stillman

    New York, NY, United States

    Designer (Product Design)

    Empathy + Intelligence + Creativity = Design

  • Meena Kadri

    Meena Kadri

    Wellington, NZ, New Zealand

    Cross-pollinator at OpenIDEO + Consultant at Random Specific

    When you go to the fountain of knowledge... do you drink or just gargle?

  • Paul Thurston

    Paul Thurston

    London, United Kingdom

    Head of Design at Thinkpublic

    Design Thinking & Doing

  • Deepti Maithil Nagpal

    Deepti Maithil Nagpal

    mumbai, maharashtra, India

    Designer (architecture)


  • Carli Pierce

    Carli Pierce

    Brooklyn, United States

  • Heather Fleming

    Heather Fleming

    Menlo Park, CA, United States


    Product Design for the Developing World

  • Kara Pecknold

    Kara Pecknold

    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Designer + Researcher

    Designing beyond the borders.

  • Martin Mendelsberg

    Martin Mendelsberg

    Denver, CO, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    It's all about design. "No, it's all about everything else."

  • Rocky Tilney

    Rocky Tilney

    San Jose, CA, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Design - Life - Business - Creativity

  • Daniel Pipitone

    Daniel Pipitone

    Pittsburgh, PA, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Design. Change. Impact.

  • Dominic Muren

    Dominic Muren

    Seattle, WA, United States

    Designer (Product Design)

    How do you teach industrial design in a post-industrial world?

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