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Nancy Mohammed

Miami, FL, United States

Member since December 07, 2012

  • Designing New Custom Poker Chips When The Event Must Be Special

    Well-being, Environmental Design


    In the world of poker, having that extra edge is what the game is all about. Buying <a href="">custom poker chips</a> for a special gift or event is a great way to upgrade from the expected to the unexpected. It is simple to personalize chips by having a company logo or artwork included without sacrificing the weight or other quality aspects of this product.

    You can order these chips in increments. The more you order, the cheaper the cost of each item. Having this convenience is very similar to ordering other customized printed products such as greeting cards. But, poker has become very popular recently and the idea of getting a nice set of customized chips as a gift is pretty stylish and much more useful than a simple card.

    A common chip will become a pretty stylish item when imprinted with a favorite photograph. With the popularity of playing poker increasing, many have become regular players. For these individuals, a new set embellished with a great picture of him or her is an unexpected and thoughtful gift. It is possible to choose the color of the edges to match a personal favorite. Most of the online websites that sell them will give you the option of choosing among a nice assortment of bright colors.

    Any kind of photo, logo, artwork, anniversary quote or holiday greeting might be used to imprint a set. The tokens will be the same quality and weight that you would use in an actual casino, but the look would certainly be different. The imprinting process creates permanent images on excellent materials.

    Some online sites offer a minimum order option, but others do not. Quantity varies for this type of service. Most require a bulk order, but you can find some that offer a per chip fee and a sliding scale of number per order.

    It takes approximately four weeks to complete the imprinting process for most orders. This length varies depending upon the extent of the work required, and it is best to consult with the business to find out exactly what it will take to have specific work done. Most often, orders are printed on high quality plastic, though some companies also use a form of clay composite material.

    Though it is certainly not traditional, some couples are using these as an option to celebrate a wedding. Beautiful collections feature a photo of the couple. Some card playing fans hand them out as wedding favors while others use them as party gifts for those who attend a night at the bachelor casino event. This is fun and entertaining at the same time.

    Adding a personal note or a corporate saying is a fun way to add a nice touch to a special party. Custom poker chips make nice gifts that are certainly unexpected. With so many designs possible, what might result is a true collector item for the true fans of card playing.

    When you need more info on custom poker chips you can access our homepage instantly on the Web. Find out all you need to know about <a href="">customized poker chips</a> and custom poker chip sets by reading the post now!

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