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Rocky Tilney

San Jose, CA, United States

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since August 31, 2007

  • Design Trends – Less is the New Black!

    Communication, Communication Design

    It’s now fashionable to be less.

    Marketers and designers are making sure the message gets out. Minimalism is not a new-age way of thinking and living, it’s quickly becoming an effective style in both marketing and graphic design— welcome to the show don’t tell world.

    As a society, we are too busy to read. Time is short and if your message doesn’t come across in 5 seconds, then I’m moving on. Show me and engage me and I might stick around.

    Apple has known this for a long time. Their web site has one main product on the home page—they show less. Dell and HP now follow suite with websites that have less. Toshiba still doesn’t get this.

    Twitter does one thing and they do it well. It’s fast and effective and forces you to keep it short. It’s less than Facebook but gets truck loads of press.

    Lewis University in Chicago asked us to design their alumni portal in a way that will help individuals connect. We took a minimalist approach and delivered a site with less so people can do more.

    In the upcoming weeks we’ll be revealing Seattle’s new Woodland Park Zoo website. We focused on less so that visitors and members can do more faster and easier. It’s about simplicity and effective communication.

    Less is the new Black!

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