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Meena Kadri

Wellington, NZ, New Zealand

Cross-pollinator at OpenIDEO + Consultant at Random Specific

Member since May 22, 2007

  • Graphic Feast Forecasts Future

    Communication, Communication Design


    What challenges will the next decade bring?

    And how are we going to overcome them?

    So asked the The Institute for the Future of thousands of participants via its progressive Superstruct online interface to co-create its Ten Year Forecast. Density Design was asked by Italy's Wired magazine to devise a visual synthesis of the forecast which could be used to stimulate onwards discussion by a wider audience.

    Density Design is a research lab at the Politecnico di Miano which explores the emergent relationships between communication design, information visualisation and complex systems. It supports the use of communication design to facilitate dialogue within participatory decision making.

    Creatively combined with an exquisite concoction of allegorical illustrations, the resulting Map of the Future provides a common visualisation on which to base discussions and analysis of what may lie ahead. The map has already been put to use at the Capitale Digitale collaborative sessions held by Wired & Telecom Italia. Hard to imagine going back to a paltry powerpoint pie-chart after being served up this flavorsome infographic feast.

    Download a original (largest) version of the map on Flickr

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