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Meena Kadri

Wellington, NZ, New Zealand

Cross-pollinator at OpenIDEO + Consultant at Random Specific

Member since May 22, 2007

  • In Case of Emergency: Cut Rope

    Communication, Communication Design


    Mumbai mobile service providers Aircel recently promoted their network via a novel billboard campaign which had a real rescue boat attached which was used by Mumbaikars stranded in monoon flooding.

    The initiaive made front page news and although we ackowledge it could be viewed as corporate 'cause washing' it certainly highlights the failings of civic bodies in handling of the plight of those in monsoon effected metros. Plus it brilliantly leveraged the resulting publicity beyond the billbaord itself to further the advertiser's cheeky message to "sail through our network this monsoon."

    Giving a whole new meaning for mobile Customer Care! See & read more on the campaign from the Aircel site and at Osocio

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