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Meena Kadri

Wellington, NZ, New Zealand

Cross-pollinator at OpenIDEO + Consultant at Random Specific

Member since May 22, 2007

  • Rubbish Never Looked So Good

    Environment, Communication Design


    A mobile campaign to encourage and celebrate recycling was created earlier this year through a joint initiative in Philadelphia. Students involved in the Mural Arts Programme produced the painted wraps for each of the 10 trucks – inspired by global textiles from the collection of the local university's Design Centre. The whole campaign tied in with the launch of a single-stream recycling program in the city which enables all recyclable material to be deposited via one receptacle.

  • Hi Jonathon

    It wasn't my project – I live in New Zealand. I was reporting on the project for Osocio ( and thought it was a good idea to post here also. As far as I know the trucks are still in operation in Philly.

  • I just became a member today and was doing some initial searching around the website... am also in Philadelphia and saw your mural arts project for trash/recycling... are these trucks still in operations or was this a short term thing... haven't seen them on the streets but it says the project only did 10 trucks.

    Keep up the good work and design spirit!

    Jonathan Fox

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