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Daniel Reynalds

Hessen, Frankfurt, Germany


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    Fracking won’t survive, says Jane Thomas, campaigner for Friends of the Earth organization. And the US success in the field can’t be repeated due to smaller territories and lower general capacities, she told RT. RT: On one hand, hydraulic fracking [a technique in which toxic chemicals are lowered into kilometer-deep holes drilled in the ground to isolate gas and oil from shale] clearly presents some environmental problems and dangers. On the other, it might be economically profitable to actually look at this source of energy. How can you reconcile these two conflicting interests?

    Jane Thomas: I think it’s interesting what you say about economically profitable, so the first challenge we would say back at the government is, “Economically profitable for whom?” It’s quite clear in the UK context, and indeed in the European context, that the profits are more than likely to go to shareholders and to organizations like Cuadrilla. I think the basic issue for us is that you cannot replicate what’s happening in the United States with what’s happening over here. They’ve been fracking for 20 years, they’ve got drills - 2,500 drills. We’ve got 72 drills between the whole of Europe. So you cannot extract at all the sort of levels that they are being able to extract in America. RT: On the other hand, this will create a lot of jobs and the possibility to employ people.

    JT: Where you’re more likely to get more jobs is in the renewable sector, and one of the ...


    jakarta capital, crown capital eco management, environmental scam prevention watch HILLSIDE, IL--(Marketwired - Apr 19, 2013) - Eco Depot, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ECDP) announced it has exchanged written "Notifications To Proceed" with the WaterGeeks™ to consummate the proposed transaction referenced in the Letter Of Intent to become Exclusive Global Distributors of the WaterGeeks™ Brand of water filtration products. Having mutually completed their due diligence, Eco Depot™ and the WaterGeeks™ will now proceed towards creating a formal binding agreement which is expected to take 30-45 days to complete. Details of the proposed transaction will be released upon the anticipated completion of the Formal Final Agreement. "We are pleased to have reached this stage ahead of schedule and look forward to working together now to complete our Final Agreement," Eco Depot™ CEO John Stange stated. "Management has worked hard to advance this agreement and to ensure the Company continues to advance in its OTC PINK reporting tier status and provide timely progress reports," Stange concluded. Capping off an eventful week for the Company, ECDP's anticipated new strategic partner's WaterGeeks™ brand of filtered water bottles are scheduled to be featured in a health and wellness segment during the final hour of NBC's "Today" Show ( this morning. The scheduled segment will be ho...


    The Commission by environmental campaigners forecast 3 trillion euros would generate by 2050 on their green revolution campaign- to make EU energy almost totally carbon free. The energy shift would already create around half a million extra jobs by 2020, Crown researchers from German aerospace center DLR, which also specializes in energy and transport, found. It has legislated to ensure that 20 percent of the energy mix is green by the said year, as part of a set of three main environmental goals. But it has yet to achieve agreement on binding targets beyond 2020, even though non-binding roadmaps have laid out the need for a virtually carbon-free electricity mix by 2050. Commissioned by Greenpeace and the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC), the 2012 Energy evolution report lays out risk avoidance towards almost carbon-free energy. They include curbing energy demand through greater efficiency, increasing investment in wind and solar power and phasing out subsidies for carbon-intensive energy, such as coal. To bring about the energy transformation, it sees a need to invest about 99 billion euros between now and 2050 or else this will be added on the list of renewable energy scam, but it says the financial gains are much greater. Renewable energy has no fuel costs; the fuel cost savings in the energy evolution scenario reach a total of 3, 010 billion euros up to 2050, or 75 billion per year. A...

  • What fossil fuel really do to america? - Quora

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    Fossil fuels—coal, oil, and natural gas—are America’s primary source of energy. America’s annual consumption of fossil fuels grown rapidly. 89 % of these consumption are consumed by boilers, transportation, residential usage, fuels for direct heating of process. The balance is used for feed-stocks, raw materials, and other miscellaneous uses. And most of the dirty fuels such as coal and residual oil go into boilers.

    Fuel burned are by far the largest single source of air pollution. This pollution is from sulfur oxide. It is also a significant source of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. Boiler combustion is sufficiently important to warrant the effort to analyze the complete nature of the problems.

    Fuel consumption in boilers is divided into three sectors: utility boilers producing steam for generation of electricity which is actually consuming probably 59%, industrial boilers producing steam or hot water for process heat,generation of electricity or space heat consuming about 24%, and boilers for space heating for commercial and institutional facilities consuming the 17%.

    The fuels consumed by boilers in large quantities are natural gas, distillate oil, and coal. Additional energy is derived from the burning of waste such as bark, bagasse, liquid hydrocarbon waste materials, etc. These said fuels contribute only a small percent to energy requirements. But t...