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Susie Packard

United States

Member since November 28, 2012

Criterion HP (Mercury) QuickTest Expert Rational Purposeful Tester AutomatedQA - TestComplete WATIR Selenium Moist

Objects Recognition Windows Cope with based recognition and operation. Smart object recognition know-how. This allows an straightforward and robust recognition of objects.

ScriptAssure Engineering. This also enables an effortless and robust recognition of objects.

Object Recognition as powerful as QTP's (if not a lot more).Supports website-based mostly and desktop programs as nicely as apps managing on portable devices these as PDAs, Pocket PCs, and smartphones. Object name mapping is adaptable and customizable (in forex trading TestComplete7). Reasonably very good object recognition. On the other hand, when accessing dynamic menus, i had to use some workarounds. For example the following code is utilised to click a dynamic menu aspect. The menu is generally a table that pops when the mouse hovers on its title

ie.picture(src, 'path_to_the_menu_tile_image/loanapp_mnu.gif').hearth_function("onmouseover")

tempTable1 ie.table(id, 'Table_ID')

(tempTable181).click on()

This code simulates the person motion of hovering on the menu title and clicking on the specified menu element. Good object recognition. Objects can be recognized by name, ID or positioned by options trading utilizing XPath. Supported

Browsers Supported IE, Firefox IE, Firefox IE7, IE8, up to Firefox three..twelve IE, FF, Not long ago on Safari IE (only partly mainly because selenium IDE do not support IE), FF, Safari, Chrome and Opera IE six.0version 6..2800.1106

Recording and Playback Secure recording and playback. Data in VBScript.

Stable recording and playback Stable recording and playback. Can record "Key phrase-based mostly script", but usually information object-primarily based functions Watir Recorder is obtainable, But it can be very basic recorder. Playback is secure. Superior Recorder Selenium online currency forex IDE Supported

Functioning Process Windows

Windows, Linux and Mac Windows (which includes 64-bit) Windows (IE, FF), Linux (FF), Mac (Safari, FF) Windows, Linux, Mac Supported Running Devices Windows 98/ME/2000 SP3/XP SP2/Server 2003

Examination Outcomes Studies XML based execution log. Every single solitary stage is logged. Viewed as collapsible/expandable tree. Could be manually modified to view as a web-page report (employing XSL transformation script). From QTP ten could be exported into other document formats. Thorough reporting supported

Specific execution log, displayed via designed-in viewer. Can be exported as HTML and XML.Log reveals information of checkpoint failures and image snapshots. Watir has no reporting services. So we pumped our testing outcomes dynamically to database even though the script is operating. And finally, a great grid need to be developed to exhibit the outcomes in a consumer helpful way.

Reporting is supported through the exam runner and a variety of logs, display shots can also be captured. Benefits are shown in a very easily readable HTML format

Support for Terminal App Supported through an extension (TE-addin).

Supported through an extension

N/A N/A N/A Not supported due to the fact it is Mostly performed for testing net purposes.

Programming Language VBScript. Can also include external compiled modules. Can accessibility objects and invoke methods employing COM.

Java programming language and VB .Web

VBScript, DelphiScript, JScript, and JScript variants (e.g., CScript, CScript).Propose utilizing JScript (dialect of ECMAScript) Ruby Scripting. An straightforward programming language.

Native language is 'Selenese', the scripts can be exported as C, Do, Java, Ruby, Python and HTML. Damp scripts are created making use of Ruby trade oil

Edition Manage and sharing of scripts. Scripts can be shared between automation developers, but HP High quality Middle is necessary to realize this. Can use private versioning handle instrument, but many things are binary (object repository) so tough to merge and diff. Scripts can be shared amongst builders. We have two selections IBM Clearcase or the free of charge CVS know-how. We utilized CVS in earlier SLSS venture and it proved reputable.

Scripts can be shared amid builders and operate on standalone playback app called TestExecute.Integrates forex news with VSS, ClearCase, Staff Basis Server through SCC Provider Not in created, but can very easily use anything like TortoiseSVN which is totally free an easy to use. Scripts can be saved in the native language or exported in a supported langauge for inclusion into take a look at frameworks such as JUnit or NUnit. Version control can be carried out using any resource handle instrument such as SVN. CVS, and so on.

Not Supported

Velocity of Execution Rapidly, customizable in many methods. Medium

Medium-Quickly Generallly quick. Watir velocity assorted forex news a great deal in accordance to various network topologies. The speed is transformed by a factor of ten slower or faster. So you have to be cautious and make positive that Watir server and the world wide web application below take a look at are neighboring. You can set up that with your network admin. Of program this is the rule for all automation tools. Speed of execution via the Selenium IDE can be diverse, the setting is from 'fast' to 'slow'. If scripts have been exported to a supported language trade gold execution can be adjusted programmatically. Medium , howeverthe time necessary for recording may well change from software to yet another

Datapools for Knowledge dynamicity "DataTable" Object - Set of worksheets. "Surroundings" Object - XML tree. Can effortlessly generate any required information model, or access Excel workbooks and XML trees immediately through COM Supported Supports Database tables, Information, Pictures, XMLs, Excel by means of Storages.DB, CSV, and Excel can be accessed making use of TestComplete's DDT object Supported as a result of a third social gathering driver.

Supported Supported , data table supported stocks to buy using possibly Excel spreadsheet or XML

DB Entry Supported, by means of ADO Supported Supported via DDT or COM

Supported by way of a third party driver.

Supported Supported as a result of a third occasion driver.

Issues and Considerations - Troubles with Terminal App Execution.

- Really high priced to edition command the scripts.

Speed is not optimized and demanding high hardware needs.

Crashes occurs sporadically.

AutomatedQA help through newsgroup is old and not regular.They seriously need to generate a diverse internet-based assist program.Newsgroup does not perform.

Often, day trading automation execution will be doing work fantastic 1 on device, but not the other.Exact same when participating in back on diverse working programs.

TestComplete has a slew of tricky_to_reproduce difficulties that make it tough for them to fix.

If an software crashes and Dr. Watson window appears, there is no uniform way to closing the Dr. Watson window to keep on the automation execution.Presently, you have to generate a 3rd-social gathering script/resource to detect Dr. Watson windows and justification them.

TestComplete seven introduces efficiency enhancements to cedar finance the Object Browser (map of the application objects), but we uncover the enhancement breaks elements of our automation framework.

Your mileage could differ. Really basic recorder that requires a lot of modifying which is time consuming.

Recommend to use on IE IE developer toolbar, Website metrics RIA script recorder for analyse frames, and index etcetera.. components are hard to set-up.

Online documents are not overly helpful as they believe information and omit crucial particulars. Some files expected for the set-up of RC and Grid penny stocks are not aspect of the Selenium resources (e.g. ANT, JDK), this also signifies necessary set-up information incorporate errors in context of Selenium.

Selenium does not natively assist features required by testers this sort of as iteration or data driven testing and there is problem testing Flash that has to be overcome by transforming Actionscripts.

To extend Selenium operation it is common to mix a Selenium primarily based automation framework with a language these kinds of as Ruby. This gives approaches to put into practice iteration, etc. pointed out over and accessibility Gems (in the forex market case of Ruby). - Hardly to offer with JavaScript's error

- Recording may possibly take too substantially time

- Objects applied working with JavaScript are not acknowledged by the instrument.

- Key phrase pushed not supported.

- Automated Exception Managing

- Interactive test debugging not supported

Selling price The price could differ according to license.

Priced with out Tax USD

BM Rational Practical Tester Authorized Consumer License and SW Subscription & Support 12 Months (D53NFLL)five,821.00

IBM Rational Useful Tester Floating Consumer License SW Subscription & Assist 12 Months (D530BLL)eleven,235.00

IBM Rational Useful Tester Licensed trading basics Person Preliminary Mounted Term License SW Subscription & Assistance twelve Months (D54SHLL)3,146.00

IBM Rational Practical Tester Extension Floating Consumer License SW Subscription & Assist twelve Months (D59RMLL)two,846.00 Named Consumer Licenses

Enterprise with a person calendar year preservation help $1999

Typical with 1 year preservation support $999

Floating Person Licenses

Enterprise with one particular 12 months maintenance assistance $4499

Typical with a single calendar year servicing support $2999 No cost Totally free, Open Resource Totally free

URL http// http// http//

First set-up Effortless to observe installationEasy to comply with installationNeed to set up several components like IDE,RC & Core and their elements.

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