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Tin Can

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Environmental Designer

Member since May 23, 2007

  • Healthy education

    Education, Environmental Design


    There is a major epidemic with the quality of education in the US as well as with the educational facilities. This is more than a concern but a reality. The list of problems we are leaving for the next generation continues to grow. I see this as an opportunity and a challenge. As designers, I find the best solution is to incorporate the integrative design process. Educators, designers, engineers, environmentalists and others all need to be at the table to address these problems with education. Here a few quotes to put it in better perspective.

    " Forty years was the average age of educational buildings in 1999." -National Center of Educational Statistics

    "Forty-two years is the lifespan of an educational facility." -U.S. General Accounting Office

    Also the U.S. General Accounting Office state that air is unfit to breathe in nearly 15,000 public schools.

    For more info Minding Buildings

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