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Kikos Papadopoulos

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Designer (Exhibition Design)

Member since July 17, 2007

  • Santorini_177_

    The Santorini Biennale Committee is proud to announce the 2014 IBEX award recipients for the 2nd edition. We were tremendously impressed by the quality, dynamism and originality of the projects submitted, because they addressed so many important and contentious issues examining different points of view about peace, war, conflicts & controversies and acceptance of differences. In a turbulent era in which we face radical and potentially destructive changes on so many fronts, artists of the 2nd edition played an indispensable role in suggesting possible solutions thanks to their intelligence, diligence, determination and vision. After a 3 months exhibition of “social messages” and collecting 7082 votes from the public, the Organizing Committee is proud to announce the IBEX 2014 winners: 1st Winners: Yiota Ioannidou, Andreas Paraskeva, Andreas Makariou, Charis Paspallis, Demetris Makariou and Marouso Laouraki. ARTdeFACT Art Group from Cyprus. Artwork title: “depARTure”, installation. 2nd Winner: David Bartholomeo from France. Artwork: “War Games”, mini installations. 3rd Winner: Fabrizio Passarella from Italy. Artwork: “The last train from occupied Europe”, video, electronic music & graphics. Artistic director: Kikos Papadopoulos Curator: Gregory Frangos

    PARTICIPATED ARTISTS Afrodite Papadouli (Greece), Anas Homsi (Syria), Andrea Chantal Barthélémy (France), Andreas Makariou (Cyprus), Andreas Paraskeva (Cyprus), Andrew Petras (Greece), Ann CT Braunsteiner...

  • Design a Wish for Greece

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS – INTERNATIONAL POSTER COMPETITION SANTORINI BIENNALE OF ARTS PARALLEL EXHIBITION 2012/2013 10 January 2013 to 10 March 2013, in 24 Cities around the world and in Santorini from 20 Apr 2013 to 30 Sept 2013!


    The Santorini Biennale of Arts announces the “Design a wish for Greece” International Poster Competition, a parallel project that aims to support the image of Modern Greece around the world.

    THE IDEA Greece is not only the country of Parthenon, the country of Aristotle's, of Democracy, of Philosophy, the country of Myths, the country that inspired millions of people around the world. Greece is a modern country like yours and suffers today from the unstable world economy.

    After years of living into an European umbrella characterized by the values of solidarity, of unity, of many “freedoms”, of fraternity, the economic crisis showed us that the truth of these values and ideas is far away from the reality as the latest phenomena our societies are living today is a kind of an economic “racism”.

    Can we really discriminate Iceland about its last bankruptcy? Are Italians lower class people than Germans? Can we defame Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and many other countries in the world just because of their economic situation? Ethically, we do not have the right!

    The “Design a Wish for Greece” project aims to fight the humiliation Greece suffers today...

  • Me_132_

    Call for Artists is now open for the following sections at the 1st Inaugural Santorini Biennale of Arts - 2012

    Open Calls: Web Site:

    Installation Art, Ceramic Art, Collage Art, Comic Art, Drawing Art, Glass Art, Graphic Design, Illustration Art, Industrial Design Art, Painting Art, Paper Art, Photography Art, Sculpture Art, Short Film and Video Art.

    Our mission is to promote both emerging and established artists that are working on the borders between different art disciples, allowing them to surpass the traditional (and perhaps limiting) concepts of classicism, modernism, contemporary and applied arts. The Santorini Biennale of Arts will be dedicated to hosting artist-led events presented in full co-operation with the organizers. The Santorini Biennale of Arts (SBOA) is inspired by the ways in which ideas are born and disseminated – how they then develop and diversify within our increasingly interconnected global society.

    Art and culture continue to play a distinctive role in defining the past, present and future direction of human endeavour. In recognition of this, the Santorini Biennale of Arts wishes to cultivate a spirit of research and experimentation; also, to present an environment ideal for open and continuous dialogue. Pursuing a programme of cultural collaboration that is at the same time both regional and international, Santorini Biennale of Arts intends to support and promote ...

  • Call for Curators - Santorini Biennale of Arts

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Currently The Biennale of Santorini is seeking to appoint curators in the areas of Illustration, Painting, Drawing, Comics, Sculpture, Industrial Design, Graphics Design, Ceramics, Collage, Glass Art, Paper Art, Music, Art Installations.

    Curators should be either a practising contemporary fine artist/researcher or curator with a successful exhibiting or curating history.

    Curatorships sessions start at 1st December 2011 and finish at 15 October 2012 (10,5 months term), taking in mind that a Curator must visit Santorini almost for 5 days during the first week of March 2012 and then from 10 June 2012 to 15 October 2012 all Curators must relocate to Santorini.

    Thank you in advance, Kikos Papadopoulos, founding director BIENNALE of SANTORINI

    po box 17212 | 84702 Oia | Santorini | +30 2286300727 | +30 69 55 66 77 73

Nature creates the future. Design dresses it.

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