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Rose Stewart

London, United Kingdom

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since July 15, 2007

  • Gibson Guitartown London

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Walking through London over the weekend I passed an outdoor art exhibition which really caught my eye. Situated by Tower Bridge, 'Gibson Guitartown London' is a unique campaign bringing together music with art to raise money for three charities; The Princes Trust, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

    This public exhibition showcases thirty 10-foot tall hand painted Gibson Les Paul replica guitars, which have been signed by an enormous array of musicians showing their support for the charities listed. 'Each individual guitar artwork aims to capture the spirit of the musicians who have given their support to the project.' Musicians such as Rod Stewart and Brian May, and creatives such as Sir Peter Blake RA and Peter Saville, have been involved in this project. The guitars on display, which are truly stunning, will go to auction in September to raise money for the charities involved, along with thirty more 'actual size' replica guitars, Gibson SG's, which have been exhibited in The O2 (formally the Millennium Dome).

    I feel that this is a brilliant concept for a charity campaign because of its social impact; how it brings together artists and musicians, the public and a free exhibition, in a journey towards raising both awareness and money for three important charities. Further information can be found at the More London and London Guitartown websites.

    [Pictured artwork: Love by Gail Jones. Signed by The Magic Numbers.]

    //also featured on Anamorphosis....

  • A Month in the Life of...

    Education, Communication Design


    The latest edition of Creative Review begins a series of investigations into the design industry entitled, A Month in the Life of...

    'It's the first in what we hope will be a series of special features taking an in-depth look at the day-to-day work of our readers. In future issues, we hope to look at the lives of photographers, creatives, commercials directors, illustrators and others.'

    They have started the journey this month with graphic design studio, Build, and supporting content to the magazine feature can be found on Creative Reviews blog.

    Creative Review want to reflect how we share things as designers, learning from each other, and that we are in a collaborative profession. Each feature will support this concept by threading designs from people that Build work with, as well as their influences and whose work they admire, into the body of the feature. This idea of collaboration is shared further with us, the reader, by letting us dip into the lives of these creatives. I am eagerly awaiting the next instalment in this Creative Review journey, which I feel will be a rich and interesting learning experience.

  • Practical Surroundings

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Recent research led me to the work of Duncan Wilson through a stunning example of design called Pixelnotes; a wallpaper which is four layers of 'post-it' notes of varying grey tones, on a primary colour backing. The beauty of this project is both how it responds to the way we interact with wall space, and how it becomes richer over time, as the layers are peeled away.

    Cutout [pictured] follows the same principle, addressing the way we interact with space. What is truly beautiful about both ideas is capturing the contrast of simplicity and functionality, while creating something so dynamic and so human - I have notes, photographs and other sentimental effects pinned on my wall as I write this. I would encourage you to visit his website, where photographs of both projects show how each wallpaper grows in time.

    Perhaps what these designs begin to achieve is an awareness of the world we live in and how we use its space, of the make-up of our surroundings and how we could begin to use these surroundings more efficiently.

    //also posted on Anamorphosis

  • Semi Permanent

    Education, Communication Design


    I have recently learned of an annual design event called Semi-Permanent, run by Design Is Kinky. Creative individuals from across all design disciplines come together for this annual conference. The Auckland event, which was held today, saw Australian design companies; 3 Deep and Alt, alongside a couple of London based companies such as; Made Thought and UVA.

    Those who attend Semi-Permanent receive a book, which accompanies the event and showcases a diverse array of design. The Semi-Permanent event last visited London in 2005 and was held at London's Barbican Gallery. I eagerly await Semi-Permanent returning to the UK, so that I can be a part of it!

    //this post brought via Anamorphosis

  • Sustainable Design

    Communication, Communication Design


    Today, I came across a Yorkshire based design studio called Studio MIKMIK, which is the work of designer/illustrator Michael Lewis. Studio MIKMIK executes sustainable design, through using recycled papers and vegetable based inks. Not only is it their ethics that I find refreshing but the stunning examples of work, see picture. The online portfolio is well worth a browse if you are looking for some inspiration.

    Many design studios are beginning to employ the concept of sustainable design, thomas.matthews are a brilliant example of this. As a graphic designer I feel my discipline has the responsibility, and the power, to move people towards an eco-friendly future. I think the broader message here is that if all design companies had better ethics regarding their impact on the environment, as designers we could become united in our part in helping the future of the environment, with the hope that other industries and communities would follow.

    More thoughts to come...

  • Visuelle

    Education, Communication Design


    Maintained by This Studio, Visuelle is a ongoing collection of examples of design from around the world. The archive is great online source of inspiration. It further invites you to expand your visual experience to the online portfolios of the companies and individuals who have produced the showcased works, through links to external sites. A great educational resource.

    Image from Felix Heinen.

    //this post brought via Anamorphosis

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