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    • “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Help that man to form a fishing business and he feeds many families! Unite his business with others and you can feed a community.” Anonymous*

    In alignment with our business activities, we believe in contributing to the development of our community by assisting people to improve the quality of their lives. We have a strong commitment to social investment, and, we believe this commitment is central to our long-term success.

    We do not believe in conventional “handout” giving but subscribe to the concept of creating measurable life change for those we are fortunate enough to assist. We believe in making direct investments where we are able to follow-up and track results with individuals or organizations.

    We are committed to assisting community organisations to improve the way they operate, thus improving their overall ability to contribute to our world. As part of our philanthropic commitment, the founders of Apex have committed to contributing a percentage of annual profits to re-investing in our society.

  • Crown global | Insurance is contractually based and therefore has many inherent advantages for policyholders, beneficiaries and trustees. Life Insurance contracts remain one of the most efficient and compliant ways of growing, preserving and transferring wealth. Many advantages of life Insurance are associated with its favorable tax treatment, asset protection and flexible investment options.

    In addition to life insurance protection, insurance products have offered tax-free or tax-deferred benefits for many years. Life and annuity policies can be tailored to meet the specific investment objectives of high net worth families through customized private placement products. Generally, this means that a policy can be designed for qualified investors so that the investment portion of the policy (the cash value or principal) can be managed by a manager selected by the policy owner or invested in a hedge fund designed for insurance company accounts. While the number of companies offering these policies is relatively small, the choice of managers is virtually unlimited and the number of insurance dedicated funds (hedge funds for insurance accounts called "IDFs") is growing rapidly. Private Placement policies now offer the same prospect of high returns through alternative investments with a managed account or hedge fund investment with one exception: the returns inside a policy are tax-free or tax deferred, while the returns of a direct investment are currently taxable, oft...

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    Fuel Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ: FTEK), a world leader in advanced engineering solutions for the optimization of combustion systems and emissions control in utility and industrial applications, today announced the receipt of two domestic Air Pollution Control (APC) contracts with an aggregate value of approximately $10.5 million. Deliveries for both contracts are scheduled for the fourth quarter 2013.

    green energy presentation

    The largest of these orders, placed by a Southern utility, represents nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction projects on three coal-fired boilers. These projects will utilize Fuel Tech's HERT(TM) High Energy Reagent Technology(TM) and NO(x) OUT(R) Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) injection technologies. The second contract, complete information

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    Ramadhan Pohan, the deputy chairman of House Commission I that oversees defense issues, questioned the validity of results from a recent survey conducted by watchdog Transparency International UK. In the survey, whose results were announced earlier this week, Indonesia was given an E, one step above the lowest score, in the Government Defense Anti-Corruption Index. The score meant that Indonesia is considered to be at “very high risk” of corruption. Ramadhan said that the results of the survey were baseless. “Who does it involve, where is the evidence? If one accuses without providing the evidence, that is tyrannical,” said Ramadhan, a lawmaker from the ruling Democratic Party.

    He said that if there were any violation, he would not hinder any legal process. But he added that law enforcement could not be based on opinion and perception. “There should be at least two [forms of] evidence, and it is then eligible for it to start a legal process,” said Ramadhan, who is also deputy secretary general of the Democratic Party. Indonesia was given the same rank as Afghanistan, Iraq, Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Philippines. Among those countries ranking even lower were Libya, Egypt and Cameroon. Only two of the 82 countries surveyed had the top A grade — Germany and Australia.

    Britain-based Transparency International said in its report that the Indonesian defense sector is dominated by cartels of political parties through lawmakers sitting in House Commission I. The Indo...

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