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    The Great Renewable Energy Scam: Is There A Change In The Wind?

    People don’t like being forced to purchase things they may not want, which is why over half of us are hoping that the Supreme Court throws out the individual insurance mandate in President Barack Obama’s health care plan. There’s also a worldwide rebellion brewing against being forced to purchase expensive electricity produced by so-called “renewable” sources, now being exacerbated by the availability of very cheap natural gas from shale formations. But, here in the U.S. there are some 30 different statewide “renewable portfolio standards” (RPSs) that also mandate pricey power, usually under the guise of fighting dreaded global warming. RPSs command that a certain percentage of electricity has to come from wind, solar, geothermal, or biomass. Given that this power generally costs a lot more than what comes from a modern coal or gas plant, your local utility passes the cost on in the form of higher bills, which the various state utility commissions are only too happy to approve in the name of saving the planet. RPSs generally do not include hydroelectric power, which produces no carbon dioxide. It’s also much more predictable than solar or wind, and costs about the same as the average for gas and coal combined. It’s not in the portfolio standards because dams are soooo 20th century, and it isn’t a d...

  • With oil and gas supplies only being given a 45 and 65 year lifespan by researchers, our fossil fuels are in danger of disappearing very quickly. Therefore, there is a constant need to find an alternative energy source and advancements have been made when it comes to utilizing other sources of fuel. One such source is biomass, an energy created from the burning of biological materials, primarily plants and biodegradable waste. This can power heating systems known as biomass boilers and is a genuine alternative to the fossil fuels we have always taken for granted. However, the development of biomass energy has prompted the discussion of several advantages and disadvantages. Advantages Producing heat and energy using biomass boilers and heaters is far more beneficial to the environment, since they use agricultural, urban, or industrial residues rather than burning fossil fuels. Producing energy this way recycles carbon and will not have a long last impact of the environment. When we burn fossil fuels, they produce carbon that does not already exist in the carbon cycle, so we are constantly adding more in to the atmosphere. Tags: benefits and drawbacks of biomass boilers, crown capital eco management environmental news


    Researchers say, elevated temperatures and a longer growing season mean some of Earth’s chilliest regions are looking increasingly green. As reported and base from the new study, at present the plant life at northern latitudes often looks like the vegetation researchers would have observed up to 430 miles (700 kilometers) farther south in 1982. “It’s like Winnipeg, Manitoba, moving to Minneapolis-Saint Paul in only 30 years,” study researcher Compton Tucker of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., said in a statement. A team of university and NASA scientists including Tucker looked at 30 years’ worth of satellite and land surface data on vegetation growth from 45 degrees north latitude to the Arctic Ocean. The researchers suggest that, in this region, large patches of lush vegetation now stretch over an area about the size of the continental United States and resemble what was found 4 to 6 latitude degrees to the south in 1982. “Higher northern latitudes are getting warmer, Arctic sea ice and the duration of snow cover are diminishing, the growing season is getting longer and plants are growing more,” climate scientist Ranga Myneni of Boston University said in a statement, adding that the changes are leading to great disruptions for the region’s ecosystems. In the precedent several decades the Arctic has been warming more rapidly than the rest of any part of earth. An amplified greenhouse ...


    There is a room on the first floor of Elyria High School that you can say is the heart of the building. Just like veins and arteries weave their way through the body to the heart so blood can be pumped through every inch of a person, 278 geothermal wells dug 500 feet into the earth encircle the building in a horseshoe shape leading to a “heart” in the school’s mechanical room. White pipes, steel tubes and computerized equipment make up the entirety of the room that on a first glance looks like nothing more than a more high-tech boiler room. But the school’s geothermal system is a little more complicated, even though the main purpose is to reduce the school’s carbon footprint while saving the district money. And money matters are what jeopardize the health of the Elyria Schools. The district announced last month $3 million in budget cuts to stave off a projected deficit, including 59 positions — among them teachers, special education instructors and classroom aides and extracurricular programs such as the high school’s TV station and seventh-grade athletics. In addition, Superintendent Paul Rigda is just starting the arduous task of trying to convince state legislators and leaders that his idea for how to fund the construction of new elementary schools is worth considering. He wants the state to give Elyria $75 million to $80 million to build five elementary schools, ...


    BOSTON - A Texas-based waste disposal company has been ordered to pay more than $376,000 in fines and restitution for violations of prevailing wage laws, Attorney General Martha Coakley said. Waste Management Inc. was cited for charging employees for health care coverage they did not receive, Coakley said. From June 2008 through June 2011, Waste Management made deductions from the prevailing wage for employees who had opted out of the company’s health and welfare plans. Waste Management agreed to pay back 56 employees for the costs of unwanted benefits that had been deducted from their wages. AD AGENCY MOVES TO INDUSTRIAL PARK PLYMOUTH - ViaMark Advertising has relocated to an expanded office at 5 Aldrin Road in Plymouth Industrial Park. The move was necessitated by expanded staff and plans to open more franchise offices throughout New England. The company was at Cordage Commerce Center for the last seven years. The company chose to remain in Plymouth because of its proximity to Boston, Providence and Cape Cod, the media markets that it has identified as ripe for franchise growth, founder Glenn Anderson said. The agency handles more than 100 accounts from Massachusetts to Florida, specializing in creative services, media placement and radio, TV, print, outdoor and online advertisi...