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Cristina Serban

Bucharest, Romania


Member since July 02, 2007

  • Design is used to be fancy...

    Arts & Culture


    l had the same experience with a TV show moderator she presented "5 stars home" as she would ever had something to do with this profession... well...looks like to be a good reporter doesnt mean just to look great on screen or seem fancy when u use words like "design". :) most funny was when being presented a chair made by an artist (painted wings sticked of the rair and so on...) she allways wanted to correct the saleswoman that the chair is "a piece of design" not "of art"...well...lm so intrigued how the television can show such things to the entire world. ...and by the "modern looking" term l also had a sad experience with a client she started to cry when l kindly asked her to explain me more clearly what does she means by the "modern" term...:( spite we talk the same languages we just understand them different l guess...Hmm...pity :)

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