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Cristina Serban

Bucharest, Romania


Member since July 02, 2007

  • 10 past 10 ???

    Communication, Communication Design


    l've noticed, since long time ago, in almost all advertise of watches or clocks, the lines show 10 past 10. l never found out what does this "sign" means and why is it used like this!??!!! Many people jump to say explanations like: because it is beautifull, because it looks symetrical, because being up it means optimism...well...ok. But still there is no certain argument of why is 10 past 10 and not something else which can be easily characterized in the same way?! l was allways tending to push their immagination more far by giving explanations on a funny tone like...well, l consider this 10 past 10 lines are looking like the first train wheel that lead us the idea of movement as time never stop, but also related with the big time of industrial and communication progress which modified the time perception in a way or Come on, l bet lm not right with it as well as the others are not exhaustive with their "silly" explanations... So the question still remains open: Why do clocks show 10 past 10??? Anyone can respond it? Thanx. l apreciate!

  • in need of propulsion...

    Community, Industrial Design


    too many years design was studied very little in the Academy of Arts. during the communism there were norms after the factories were working, orders they had to be respected without any comment, designers being used too less on development projects. no privat sector was alowed, so try to imagine what a huge lack of challenge and experience in design could happen... :( the transition period started with floods from outside...the companies were using the working force and tools from here for cheap, but no project was starting to be developed. the other self-privatized factories were dieing slowly for the lack of development. why?..cuz noone had and has no idea what and how to do. well...sounds like kind of amnesia or something...but unfortunatelly its a real "dream" :( yet... some babyes they havent learn to walk yet. this year is the first generation graduating the product design section of Interior Architecture Faculty, one other educational oportunity in the field founded 5 years ago beside the old more Artistic one. lm shaking! l really feel little pity for these students, which some of them are great...but what can l say when l know that even the dean is so less familiarized with the "design" term :(( since few other 4-5 years Association of Furniture Producers were organizing national contest for avantgarde furniture design...outch! that hurts! u dont want to see the exhibited products! besides, u also wouldnt like to meet the persons which are involve...

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