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Nicole Ellingson

Venice, CA, United States

Designer (Art Direction)

Member since July 01, 2007

  • Misplaced Blame


    I, like everyone else, am obviously dissappointed in the results of the logo contest. I have to disagree with the popular opinion, however, that it was MCA's tampering that corrupted the competition. If you ask me, this competition was flawed at inception. When branding an event like this you need to treat MCA-I and the UN Representatives as clients who should have a fair say in what logo best represents their vision. I have worked as a designer for many years, and I have yet to meet a client who would relinquish control of their brand to a third party. MCA-I and the UN representatives should have been included on the panel. I also feel that I agree with MCA-I in believing that the selections in the finalist bin were sub-par. I looked through every single logo in this competition, and some of the ones that were selected as finalists were not very good in comparison with some of the others I had seen. Not only that, but some were badly designed, not a logo, or simply inappropriate for the style of a UN Film Festival. Thirty people in my design studio agree with me. It's no wonder MCA-I disagreed. What I would like to know now is this: What logo will the festival use? My clients would kill to have 1,600 options to choose from - for free. Are we to say that all this work will now be utilized without anyone receiving a prize or commendation? All these logos are now readably available to anyone who might want to use them, and noone gets any credit. Wow, not so good, people.

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