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Ileana Armando


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    In this article, we add another five -- making 10 in all -- with a particular focus on identity theft, the biggest scam of all. By taking these simple precautions, you can substantially reduce the risk that you'll lose your money, your identity, or both, to the villains. Before we get started, we suggest you visit last week's most popular articles from our other websites: 2 Easy Tips for Getting out of Holiday Credit Card Debt: Tips to remedy that holiday credit card debt you might find yourself in. 4 New Year's Resolutions to Help Prevent Identity Theft: Make some resolutions about how to prevent identity theft for you and your family. Key Ways to Reduce the Photo Size of Your Images Using iPhoto (For Mac Users): A quick, easy way to reduce photo size with iPhoto, just for Mac users. Winter Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life: Things you need to do to stay safe this winter, whether the storm of the century hits you or not.

    Time to get going...

    A New Year's Resolution: 10 Top Tips To Beat the Scammers -- Part 2

    We want 2009 to be a scam-free year for all our subscribers, so we're offering some of the most valuable tips to beat the scammers, for you to add to your New Year's resolutions.

    Last week, we listed five simple things you can do to cut the risk of being scammed: Be skeptical -- trust no one, even friends and family who may be innocent accomplices. Don't click on links or attachments -- always check them out first. Use y...