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Jamie Cameron

United States

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When you happen to be obtaining started off on your CCNA research, finding out the distinct router modes is crucial to passing your Intro and ICND exams. But trying to keep these modes straight can be extremely hard. (At minimum it was for me!) Let us get a appear at the different router modes you can expect to require to know about to move your CCNA, and use IOS Enable to illustrate the different works by using of just about every mode.

The initial mode you'll see on a router (if the individual before you logged off as they need to have) is user exec mode. This is also the default mode a user is positioned into when employing Telnet to stock investing online connect to a router. The prompt will seem like this


You cannot create or include to a configuration in this mode, but you can run fairly a number of display instructions. This is a very good mode to have customers in who want to see the configuration, but should not be permitted to adjust it.

To get to the subsequent stage, form permit at the consumer exec prompt



Recognize that the prompt altered. This mode has two names, the official 1 being privileged exec mode. It truly is more typically referred to as permit mode, due to the fact "enable" is what you kind to get into this online investing trading mode.

This mode presents you a lot more possibilities for show and other commands, but you still are not able to configure something. To configure global instructions, use "configure final", or "conf t", to enter international configuration mode.

R1conf t

Enter configuration instructions, a single per line. Stop with CNTL/Z.


The prompt has changed all over again, and now international configuration instructions these kinds of as hostname and no ip domain-lookup can be entered.

From here, you have got a whole lot of possibilities, but we'll search at 3 you want to know for your CCNA exams. To use configuration commands to an interface, enter interface configuration mode, as revealed here

R1(config)interface serial0 online share investing


You ought to be in world wide config mode to get into interface config mode you can't go from allow mode straight to interface configuration mode.

R1interface serial0

% Invalid input detected at '' marker.

Interface configuration mode makes it possible for you to utilize an IP address to the interface, as very well as quite a few other instructions connected to frame relay, ISDN, and dynamic routing protocols.

For the CCNA, you need to know about two other configuration modes. To configure console instructions (this kind of as password defense), enter line configuration mode as revealed right here

R1conf t

Enter configuration instructions, a person for each line. End with CNTL/Z.

R1(config)line console

R1(config-line)password cisco online investing for dummies


The prompt "(config-line)" signifies that you might be in line configuration mode. Your console line is not the only line you will be configuring for the CCNA, though your vty lines are applied for incoming telnet connections and need to be configured in a similar vogue.

R1conf t

Enter configuration instructions, one per line. Conclude with CNTL/Z.

R1(config)line console

R1(config-line)password cisco


R1(config-line)line vty four

R1(config-line)password cisco


Observe that you do not have to exit one particular interface mode to go to a different one. Let's say that you've configured your vty lines and now want to place an IP deal with on your Ethernet interface. You never have online investing course to go out with ctrl-z and then commence once more you can go straight to interface config mode from line config mode. Just make sure you see the prompt transform!

R1(config-line)line vty 4

R1(config-line)password cisco


R1(config-line)interface ethernet0

R1(config-if)ip tackle 255.255.255.

When you might be making ready for CCNA exam accomplishment, there is certainly a whole lot to take in. Just just take it 1 piece at a time, get some palms-on expertise to go with your theory, and in advance of you know it you might be transferring all-around in the distinct Cisco router configuration modes without supplying it a second considered. Hold finding out and your CCNA test good results is assured!

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