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Alice Alanna

Zurich, Geneve, Switzerland


Member since October 29, 2012

  • The Tyler Barcelona Group Services: Australia and Japan - Coroflot

    Community, Communication Design


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    January 1, 2013, Australia-Japan Tourism Exchange Year partnership officially began. Australia and Japan’s national tourism marketing organizations planned to partner last year December 14, 2012 to encourage a two-way tourism between the two nations as part of a new initiative. This intends to promote bilateral exchange between the tourism industries of Australia and Japan to guarantee longer term sustainable growth in their visitor economies. The plan is all throughout the year, a series of promotions and hosted events will take place in various regions throughout two countries. To spark interest in travel to each nation both countries collectively engage around 650,000 people. Tokyo Japan is a great place to visit. A good place for tourism. Japan has been a market of long standing importance to Australian tourism and continued to be a significant source of visitors to the country, said Tourism Australia Managing Director Andrew McEvoy. “Despite the various factors that have impacted tourism to Australia from Japan in recent years, the fact remains that Japanese visitors remain a very important and significant part of our visitor economy,” added Mr McEvoy.

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