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odakota zimmerman


Member since October 24, 2012

  • “Low cost” iPhone is indeed set to be released later this year according to a reliable source. This is in relation with the reports that Apple has three different phones in development.

    Since early January rumors have been circulating about a cheaper iPhone that will be possibly called as “iPhone 5S” or “iPhone 6”. The rumors began when a lot of reports from supply chain sources and even major US news sites like The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg had an eye about the new iPhone development. The development is said to be targeted towards lower-income, emerging markets like China and India.

    This next-gen iOS were detailed by iLounge editor-in-chief Jeremy Horwitz followed up on his last exposé of what he calls the “budget iPhone”, allegedly it will look like the iPhone 5 but feature several new design elements and tweaks.

    “Yes, it will be made substantially from plastic,” Horwitz wrote, echoing an earlier report from DigiTimes that said the iPhone 5S or 6 would feature a hybrid chassis made of both plastic and metal. “No, it won’t just be a Retina- and Lightning-equipped refresh of the iPhone 3G or 3GS, Apple’s last plastic iPhones, nor will it look just like an all-plastic version of the iPhone 5. This new model is actually a cross between the iPhone 5, fifth- generation iPod touch, and… wait for it… the iPod classic. Yes, really. It will have a 4” screen, like the iPhone 5, a bottom like the latest iPod touch, and a shape that’s most similar to the iPod...

  • Bp_2_177_

    Utgivelsesdato: 01 November 2012

    Indonesia's Ministry of Energy og Mineral ressurser og olje og gass executive agency BPMIGAS har godkjent i prinsippet den Plan av ytterligere utvikling (POFD) for utvidelsen av BP-opererte Tangguh flytende naturgass (LNG) prosjektet i Papua Barat provinsen i Indonesia eastern.

    Godkjenning ble annonsert i dag av UK statsminister David Cameron i London etter en bilaterale møte med Indonesias President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, fulgt av BP gruppe konsernsjef Bob Dudley og BP regionale President Asia Pacific, William Lin.

    I begynnelsen av September innsendt på vegne av partnerne i Tangguh-prosjektet BP plan for utvikling av et tredje LNG LNG tog (tog 3) i Tangguh. Godkjenning av planen er et viktig skritt i forberedelse til den endelig investeringsbeslutning for denne utvidelsen, som er ventet å bli tatt i 2014. Dette gjøre potensielt ferdigstilling operasjoner for nye toget å begynne i slutten 2018.

    De samlede investeringene i tog 3 av Tangguh Prosjektpartnerne blir for tiden anslått til å være opp til US$ 12 milliarder (£ 7,5 milliarder).

    David Cameron sa: "denne avtalen med en £7 .5bn utvikling er gode nyheter for BP, en av de største utenlandske investorene i Indonesia. Det er et stort løft til Storbritannias voksende handel og investering i Indonesias voksende marked." Utvidelse av Tangguh vil være et betydelig skritt mot å realisere det ful...


    Blackhawk Mines Corp. Projects The Big Bear Gold Claims - San Bernardino County, California Big Bear Location and History This Big Bear Claims lie in southwestern San Bernardino County about 30 miles northeast of San Bernardino on the north east side of the San Bernardino Mountains The Big Bear claims presently cover an area of about 1440 acres or about 2.5 square miles, near Lucerne Valley, CA and currently consists of 9 claims. San Bernardino County is the largest County in California, and in fact the largest County in the United States. It is an intensely mineralized area, with records indicating more than 250 mines recorded in the area. Commodities from industrial minerals to gold and silver have been produced since the mid 1800s and still form a large part of the local economy, therefore the governments and agencies are generally mining friendly. The area remains an important cement and industrial production area. The area has been known as the Blackhawk Mining district in most reports. The district was organized in 1870, when an English concern organized the Santa Fe group in 1890 to work the area on a large scale, but work stopped soon afterward and prospecting was minor during the early 1900s. The Santa Fe group was re-opened in 1921 and operated continuously until 1940. In this last operating phase the production amounted to a reported $300,000. Mining in Califo...