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zoe southcott

United Kingdom


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    By Caelia Quinault

    Glass reprocessor Nationwide Recycling Ltd has been found guilty of PRN fraud in a case brought by the Environment Agency.

    Swansea Crown court convicted the Neath-based company on Friday (October 8) of three offences. This included issuing packaging waste recovery notes (PRNs) for waste which had not been received between January 1 2009 and October 1 2010, contrary to the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007.

    Nationwide Recycling reprocessed glass into aggregates The company was also found guilty of operating a regulated facility without a permit between April 5 2008 and April 6 2010, and also between April 5 2010 and June 2 2011, contrary to the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations.

    Nationwide Recycling was placed in liquidation in June 2011 and its assets sold to Glass Tech Recycling.

    Nationwide Recycling was prosecuted separately from two directors and two employees from the firm, who entered guilty pleas at an early hearing last week (see story). The four, alongside the company, will not be sentenced until March 2013.


    According to the Environment Agency, an investigation into Nationwide Recycling found that the company had weighed plant, machinery and lorries to generate false weighbridge tickets and invoices for recycled materials that were never in fact received by ...