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Mike Theodore

SOuthampton, United kingdom, United States


Member since October 19, 2012

  • Energy Saving Tips to Reduce Power Consumption

    Community, Environmental Design

    Energy_saving_177_ There are so many ways to reduce the cost of your energy consumption which then leads onto reduced bills. If you have already found the cheapest tariff on the market place but want to reduce the amount of energy whether it be electricity or gas to reduce your own carbon footprint and reduce your costs even further then read our energy savings tips guide to reduce your bills and do a little towards the environment. Gas is more expensive than electricity The average household energy bill is geared around 70% gas and 30% electricity so the more you can save on gas then the more your bill will be reduced. So if you have gas central heating and hot water then look at ways to reduce the loss of heat through your home and the efficiency of the system generating the power. Here are some tips: • Get a qualified fitter to check your boiler. It may be energy efficient but may need a service to make it work better. Look into the recent announcement of the boiler scrappage scheme whereby the government will give you £200 off a new boiler if yours is more than 10 years old. Industry experts estimate that just by renewing your boiler to a new energy efficient one could save over £200 off your bills each year. • Turn down the thermostat by a few degrees – many homes have theirs set quite high and you should look at both the room thermostat and the one on the boiler. • Fit radiator thermostats – in some homes not all rooms are used frequ...