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gair vawter

United Kingdom

Member since October 16, 2012

  • Online Shopping: How to Protect Your Data

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Brewer Fraud Law Group Barcelona - Could the tradition of packed shopping malls on Christmas Eve soon fall by the wayside? If 2010’s online sales are any indication, that could well be the case. This year’s Cyber Monday sales broke the $1 billion mark, driving up sales 16 percent higher than 2009 sales, and making it the biggest online shopping day in history. Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend sales enjoyed a similar increase, with one in three people taking advantage of online discounts. One thing is clear: Online shopping is gaining in popularity as more people do their holiday shopping in the comfort of their fuzzy slippers. Shoppers are spending more money online at their choice of merchants, large and small.

    Unfortunately, where the money goes, so goes criminal activity. Thieves would love to get their hands on your credit card information—whether by posing as a legitimate business or by intercepting transferred financial data. You can prevent yourself from becoming a victim! Hornberger & Brewer shares some ways to protect yourself (and your credit card) while shopping online this holiday season.

    1. Make sure the merchant is reputable. Sometimes small merchants’ deals seem too good to be true. This is where a little research goes a long way to determining their reputability. Sites like Epinions and BizRate share evaluations from other customers. Their experiences can help you determine a merchant’s credibility. Also look for third-party seals of...

  • This here is one hacked off cowpoke - blogger

    Community, Communication Design

    Last Friday, as I was playing in the sandbox with my grandson, I began receiving calls and texts on my cellphone like the world had just learned I had won the Powerball lottery. That old Nokia was vibrating like an angry rattler and once I figured out how to bring up the text messages, I discovered some PC-pecking scum bucket in Nigeria had hacked into my email account. I don’t know how he did it but that yellow-livered septic sucker opened my address book and mailed an email to each and every soul in my contact list. Allow me to share some of this message with you fine folks, and disregard the misspelled words and poor grammar. This hacker isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box and is probably still upset he wasn’t allowed to attend his own sixth-grade graduation ceremony. So, here’s a sample of his email: “My family and I had a trip visiting Madrid Spain, everything was going on fine until last night when we got attacked by some unknown gunmen. All our money, phones and credit cards was stolen away including some valuable items…” Oh, it goes on about reporting the robbery to the police and my unsuccessful attempt to get the U.S. consulate to help us get back home. So, if any or all of my friends and family could mail $1000 (in euros, no less) to some foreign address, then my poor family could return home. Hmm, I wonder why my peeps began to call me instead of rushing to their banks and making a withdrawal of 1000 buckeroos? Was there something illogical about this hacked ema...