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Abdul hamid

khulna, khulna, Bangladesh


Member since October 14, 2012

  • Recipes

    Education, Industrial Design

    My blog is about recipes and it is completely unique. I have showed in my blog about cooking.. Naturally we eat that we may live. Healthy recipes are very crucial for our life. Recipe contains the measurement of cooking ingredients and how to prepare food. Healthy Recipes can be many kinds and types. They are; Pullao, Biriyani, khichuri, Rezala, Korma, Kalia, Curry, Jhol, Dopeyaja, Niramish, Dal, Bhaji, Bhorta, Snacks etc.

  • Recipes

    Arts & Culture

    <meta content=' There are a lot of recipes in this blog. All the informations of this blog are completely accurate. Anybody can follow it.' name='description'/>