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shenae theroux

United Kingdom

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    BUSINESS INTERVIEW: As executive vice president of digital media for MTV’s music brands, Dubliner Dermot McCormack is confronting head-on the challenges all media companies face in an ever-changing digital landscape IT’S HARD TO know what to envy Dermot McCormack for most – his 17th-floor, corner office (the sign, in America, at least, that you have truly arrived) overlooking Times Square, or the fact that Bono has a nickname for him: Digital Dermot from Dublin. To be fair, he has earned it. McCormack is now executive vice president of digital media for MTV’s music brands – including MTV itself, VH1, Country Music Television (CMT) and Logo TV. “My job is to move these cable TV brands into new platforms, expand the brands, expand the audience and make money while I’m doing it,“ says McCormack – who is originally from Ballyfermot – as though this were easy peasy. Few know quite as well as him, however, just how tricky the internet can be. An early pioneer of new media in the 1990s, McCormack was around for the dot com bubble (the first one, as some would argue). In fact, he was right at the heart of it. Having moved to New York in the early 1990s (the day after he graduated from DIT Kevin Street with a degree in electronic engineering – “My poor Mom,” he says. “I never came back!”), McCormack was among those who built some of the earliest websites. Eventually, he went to work in advertising for the hottest new things around at the time – a...