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Christopher Adams

Texarkana, TX, United States


Member since October 08, 2012

  • The Wooden Window Workshop is a wooden windows London company that offers nationwide coverage of services ranging from refurbishing to window pane replacement. They can also offer you sash window draught proofing all the way to full sash window fabrication and installation. They are specialist in the repair and restoration of traditional box sash windows and wooden casement window.

    You can inquire if your original installed box sash windows can be repaired to its initial historical condition. If it cannot be saved they can replicate it as close as to the original as possible. You have to take into consideration if the framework is beyond economic repair and they will assess it for you. You do not have to worry if the original cannot be saved because a good service is capable of creating a new one that looks like the original unit.

    The Wooden Window Workshop is a concern that has many years of proven working expertise that you can be safe with. It would be of a good note that the company receives a lot of calls for second opinion from people who want to save and repair the original window sash assembly. The findings from other contractors recommend replacement of the whole assembly which can cost a lot of money.

    The original classic sash windows that you may have could be restored by them either thru repair or just maybe retro fitting with double glazed sidings that will keep the cold out. It will still come out cheaper that replacing the whole unit with new wood. Time and ...

  • British Sash Windows British Renewal Services

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    One of the best and most respected window companies is the Wooden Window Workshop. This firm is located right in the heart of the city of London and has for many years been providing quality services to customers and clients in the city, surrounding suburbs and all across the UK. Some of the services include the restoration of sash windows London. Restoration of these window types has been available to Londoners for over 20 years.

    These services such as restoration of these special windows range from sash cord replace, full sash replacement and window draught proofing. All these important services have helped the company Wooden Windows build a name in the community across the entire UK. It is now recognized as the leading sash services provider. The firm is staffed with some of the best, most experienced and well trained joiners. These joiners deliver faithful and reliable services to customers.

    A lot of these employees including the talented joiners have for many years specialized in restorative architectural joinery services and are able to deliver superior work with great level of finish at all times. As a business, it does not engage in hard selling of its services to clients as most of other businesses would. This is because clients who understand quality restorative work will not need to be sold but will understand the quality workmanship necessary, as provided by the Wooden Window Workshop.

    This particular firm located in the capital also provides nationwide service...

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