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raine smith

Ontario, Hamilton, Canada

Designer (Journalism)

Member since October 08, 2012


    BP slutar ett stormigt förhållande med ryska tycoons från ett företag som kallas AAR och riktar i stället ett partnerskap med statligt ägda Rosneft. Affären, värt över 25 miljarder dollar (19.18 miljarder euro) skulle kunna ge det brittiska oljebolaget ett spel av mellan 16% och 20% i gigantisk rysk olja. Avtalet, som har ännu inte att slutföras, men som skulle kunna offentliggöras på måndag eller tisdag folds BP: s hälften av TNK-BP, Rysslands tredje största oljebolaget i Rosneft, mot kontanter och Rosneft materiel.

    BP kan till slut en stormig relation med sina partner i företaget, AAR, och för att göra närmare band till en rysk regering som utövar en mycket strängare håll på oljeindustrin än i det gjorde under 1990-talet när BP första investerat i det.

    TNK-BP är mycket lönsamma och ger en fjärdedel av BP: s totala produktion, men dess fält är mogen, och de sovjetiska-född business tycoons som äger den andra hälften genom AAR var för BP: s Sök efter tillväxt i oljerika Ryssland genom närmare band med Rosneft och dess kraftfulla boss.

    Ska affären vara klar och överleva en månader lång godkännandeprocessen, BP: s exponering till Ryssland skulle bli lägre, men det kunde säkra det platser på Rosneft styrelse och närmare band än någon av konkurrenterna till Igor Sechin, verkställande direktör för Rosneft, som har en betydande säga i energipolitiken....


    THE BP oil spill in the US Gulf is now a Nigerian scam: From: Dudley Caruthers Esq (Barrister at Law) Subject: BP Related Agreement Entitlement E-mail: Dear Friend I am the private solicitor for Mr Tony Hayward, the esteemed Chairman and Chief executive of British Petroleum. My client has various personal and family related holdings of BP stock and options. Due to his faithful long standing service to BP the total value of his holdings amounts to in excess of 100m pounds sterling. Mr Heywood is a British citizen but it has been my sorrowful duty to advise him that his personal and family wealth is at great risk of being wrongfully confiscated by US authorities acting extra-territorially under special powers authorised by the US government and with the secret consent of a supine UK political and legal establishment. Obama? Mr Heywood is also at great risk of losing his personal liberty and becoming another victim of the long reach of the politicised USA legal system in the same way that was meted out to other British subjects including, most egregiously, the 3 bankers from Natwest. Unfortunately I am not able to advise or assist him in this regard as my expertise lies in the structuring of executive compensation schemes and the management of private endowments; but I am horrified at the witch hunt being perpetrated on my client by the Obama administration and its agencies and I will do all that I can to safeguard ...


    BP America, Inc. announced today it will donate $1 million to support disaster relief efforts in Louisiana and Mississippi following Hurricane Isaac. The donation will be made to the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army and divided equally between the two hardest-hit states. “This assistance cannot fix all that has been broken by this natural disaster, but we hope it can help some of those in need today and contribute to a sustained recovery effort in the months ahead,” said Crystal E. Ashby, Executive Vice President of Government and Public Affairs for BP America. The storm forced BP to evacuate workers from offshore platforms and drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as from onshore facilities in south Louisiana and Mississippi, where hundreds of BP employees live. Separate from this donation, BP is also providing assistance to our employees and their families in the region.

  • BP Holdings - Mainland China

    Community, Communication Design

    Over the last 30 years China has been through dramatic change. At BP we haven’t just watched it happen, we’ve been part of it

    What we do Since we arrived in China in 1973, our development can be followed in three stages. In the beginning, our growth came from chemicals licensing and marketing. During the 1980s this shifted into onshore and offshore exploration. By mid 1990s, we found ourselves in large-scale equity investment and manufacturing. To date we’re one of the largest foreign energy investors in the country with nearly $5 billion of cumulative commercial investment.

    BP China’s work here is varied and wide. Its business activities include offshore gas production, chemical joint ventures, aviation fuel supply, LPG marketing, oil product and lubricant retailing and the sales of chemicals technologies. We were one of the first foreign companies in China to explore for oil and gas offshore. The Yacheng 13-1 gas field was one of China’s largest offshore gas discoveries we made, and it’s currently operated by our business partner CNOOC and supply Hong Kong and Hainan Province.

    On land, we are also playing a big role in bringing liquefied natural gas (LNG) to consumers in Guangdong and Fujian provinces. Working with our Chinese partners, we are proud to be the only foreign partner in China’s first LNG terminal in Shenzhen. We’re also making a large-scale investment in chemicals ...