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Adrien Haefeli

Zurich, Geneve, Switzerland


Member since October 08, 2012


    CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - For the first time, the Commander at the Defense Supply Center of Richmond (DSCR) is speaking out about an international conspiracy that sent a serial fraudster to prison for life. Those involved say the scam could have put our troops in harms way had it not been caught by the Department of Defense at the Chesterfield County operation. It sounds so much like a movie script, and takes place at a closely guarded site, home to one of Central Virginia's largest employers. Roger Day has been called a criminal mastermind and a thief, who tried to rip off the country's military of $11 million by supplying it bogus and defective parts. He was convicted last year by a Richmond jury of multiple counts of wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to smuggle goods. Day is now serving 105 years in federal prison. Day created fake companies and bid on contracts at the DSCR. He won nearly a thousand contracts, worth $4.4 million. He even shipped the Department of Defense defective products. "We worked very hard with the justice department and helping them to prosecute Mr. Day," says Brigadier General Scott Jansson, the Commander at the Defense Supply Center. He says Day's scheme could have directly impacted our men and women overseas. "If some of those fraudulent components defective components that he tried to sell us were ultimately installed in an aircraft some place it could have resulted in loss of...