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  • Check and Maintain Boiler Efficiency - Zimbio

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    The Measure Test boiler combustion efficiency and perform required adjustments on a regular basis to ensure peak operating performance. Optimum efficiencies range between 75 to 80%, boiler efficiency can fall to 50% or less without proper maintenance and adjustment. Application Buildings with central fuel-fired hot water or steam heating systems. Benefits • Reduced energy consumption.

    • Improved efficiency will prolonge boiler life.

    • Reduced requirement for expensive repairs. Implementation • This measure can be done by trained maintenance staff or qualified contractors as a part of regular maintenance activities.

    • A Fluegas analyzer is used to take a sample of the exhaust gases from the boiler venting system. The meter calculates combustion efficiency based on the temperature and composition of the flue gas.

    • This measure should be undertaken annually at a minimum.

    • Combustion efficiencies lower than 75% may be caused by:

    • dirty fire side of the heat exchanger - an indicator of poorly adjusted burners.

    • dirty water/steam/air side of the heat exchanger - often an indication of poor water treatment.

    • inadequate combustion air (air shortage problems occur most often with natural draft boilers) - excessive combustion air.

    • If the fire side of the heat exchanger is dirty, but the fuel/air mixture is correct, check for excessive boiler room dust.

    • stamp on the floor by the boiler and see if the flame becomes yellow - indicates excessive dust in vicinity of burner.

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