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Tom Williams

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Internet Technology Innovator and Marketing Strategist - CEO

Member since June 25, 2007

Tom, who was born and raised in Victoria, BC, Canada, went to work in the Product Marketing department at Apple Computer at the age of 14, where his knack for separating good product ideas from bad was, understandably, highly prized. Notably, Tom played a key role in the development of interactive music technology and the online music industry, which is both a very profitable part of Apple’s operations and a revolutionary change for the music business.

He then spent over a decade consulting to, building, and investing in high tech and media companies of all sizes. Tom has provided corporate and online strategy advice to Intel, News Corp, Hilton Hotels and other Fortune 500 companies. He founded GiveMeaning in 2004 as a response to his own frustrations in trying to be socially responsible by donating to a charitable cause. Disappointed by the lack of “customer service”, the high administration costs, and the amount of unwanted mail generated by charities and non-profit organizations, Tom saw an opportunity to use his experience in digital product development and internet technology to make the world of giving simpler, more direct, more hassle free, and hence more meaningful.

At, people donate to specific projects and get to see how their contribution—whether it is $5 or $5000—combines with those others to effect change. Projects are mostly started by individuals, 100% of online donations go to charity, and privacy is fiercely respected and protected—no one is spammed, no one’s contact information is shared without their permission. GiveMeaning aims to be the number one developer of innovative technology to serve the human impulse to help others and solve our common problems. Tom continues to preside over the direction and evolution of GiveMeaning, while exploring additional opportunities to express his passions for innovation, technology, and the enormous power of people joining forces to solve problems.

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If you want to move mountains, get a shovel.

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  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
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