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macadhamh sedberry

sweden, Sweden

Member since September 26, 2012

  • Bp_russia_177_ THE long-running saga of BP's troubled Russian joint venture moved closer to a conclusion last night as it held talks on a deal with state-owned oil giant Rosneft. Igor Sechin, chief executive of Rosneft, flew in to London for discussions on buying out BP's 50 per cent stake in TNK-BP in a deal that could be worth as much as £17.5billion for the FTSE 100 group. In what insiders described as "a fast-moving situation" and "a game of brinkmanship" Rosneft also looked poised to buy the remaining stake held by BP's partner, the AAR consortium controlled by a group of Russian billionaires. After years of friction between the two sides, both BP and AAR this year signalled they could sell out of the partnership or seek full control. In a dramatic move last night AAR pulled out of the bidding to buy BP's stake just hours before today's deadline. That paves the way for Rosneft to buy out both BP and AAR to gain control of the highly profitable TNK-BP business and create the world's largest oil company. BP has made it clear that it retains ambitions to remain in Russia and to expand in the Arctic

    As part of the deal BP is expected to take a 10 per cent stake in the enlarged Russian business, giving it access to one of the world's most important oil-producing countries. AAR sources said the tycoons had decided not to bid because they had been unable to raise sufficient finan...

  • Milestone AMG Private Clients

    Communication, Industrial Design Through the use of a proprietary, environmentally friendly process, AMG is the largest

    producer of ferrovanadium in North America and the largest recycler of waste streams used to

    produce vanadium in the world. AMG’s advanced technological process recovers these

    valuable specialty metals from hazardous waste, eliminating the need to landfill this waste.

    AMG estimates that the energy consumption used to produce recycled vanadium is

    approximately 60% of primary manufacturing routes.

    Ferrovanadium is a key component in the production of carbon steel used for infrastructure.

    When added to crude steel, ferrovanadium creates a product that is lightweight and

    extremely high in tensile strength and wear resistance. AMG’s ferrovanadium is marketed

    under the FEROVAN® brand name. AMG also produces ferro-nickel-moly Ingots under the

    FeNiMoly® brand name as part of our unique FEROVAN® process.

    FeNiMoly® is used to create high quality stainless steel and special bar quality steel.

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