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It's HiFi, above WiFi. Acquired that? Now cross your fingers and repeat that three times, lest you overlook exactly what the Phorus PS1 speaker and PR1 receiver allow you to do. So it is a WiFi speaker and receiver combo? Nicely, nearly. There is also an Android app that ties all of it together. Load it up on your own mobile phone, or what ever Android you choose, and it will sniff out each of the (90dB) Phorus speakers you've got. You are able to use several with one unit, or separate speakers with different telephones -- and stream your music wirelessly around your pad. Just in the event that, there is also Bluetooth and USB connectivity, if you wish to preserve your options open up. The receiver in essence enables you to convert any old HiFi right into a wireless player, meaning it is possible to bypass the conical speakers totally ought to you intend to do this. You are able to get 'em now, with the PS1s weighing in at $199 a pop, and $149 for that PR1s. Overlooked that rhyming mantra through the best? Cue the online video once the break to remind you.

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bluetooth wireless speakers

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