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  • Illinois Check Fraud Lawyer

    Credit card theft and check fraud offenses are serious crimes that are taken very seriously by the Illinois legal system. Many of these offenses can be charged as felonies which, if you are convicted, can lead to extremely severe penalties, including substantial fines and lengthy jail sentences. If you have been charged with a credit card theft or check fraud offense, or if you are being investigated for one, speak to a reliable Illinois defense attorney immediately. At the Law Office of Steven Haney, our Joliet credit card theft attorney handles all types of complex credit card theft and check fraud cases. Mr. Haney is a former Will County prosecutor with 25 years of litigation experience behind him. His understanding of these cases from both sides allows him to be much more proactive in building an effective defense designed to protect your interests.

    Will County Credit Card Theft Defense

    Credit card theft cases can be quite complex because they can cover a broad range of offenses. Illinois has an offense called Utilization of an Account Number which, depending on the value of the goods, services or cash obtained, can result in a Class three or four felony charge.

    Joliet Check Fraud Defense

    Check fraud is a serious crime that can involve a number of different acts intended to obtain money that does not belong to you. Some examples of check fraud can include forgery, writing bad checks, check kiting and floating checks. Depending on the type ...