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  • OTS Group Insurance Agency - Our Services

    Community, Communication Design

    “Opportunity to serve & plan for dreams...and for your loved ones!”

    To enjoy your life to the fullest, it's essential to plan for your financial aspect wisely.

    Financial planning is an on-going evaluation process if you desire to achieve your future dreams, be it for retirement, saving for your child's education or simply saving up for the future.

    In OTS, we offer our valuable customers financial solutions with the aim of meeting their long-term financial objectives.

    As one of the largest Life Insurance Agencies as well as OCBC Outsource Companies in the Financial Industry, OTS Group covers a wide spectrum of financial solutions, namely:

    Protection, Health & Medical We offer life protection to people from all walks of life with different needs, ranging from traditional whole life plan to term plan as well as accident & health plans.

    Savings & Investment For those who wish to have a better control of their financial planning, we offer them savings and investment plans.

    Children's Tertiary Education Planning Parents always want the best tertiary education for their children. We will help in building a plan that best suit the specific needs without compromising on current obligations and financial needs.

    Home Loan & Debt Financing Property is always the favorite investment vehicle to Malaysian. Let us help you to buy a house or a commercial property and even renovate your premises.

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