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Hessen, Germany, Germany


Member since September 19, 2012

  • Corporate Investigations LTD & Associates

    Communication, Communication Design


    Our clients include both Private and Public corporations, Law firms and individuals, by providing expertise in the areas of:

    • VIP Personal Protection
    • Physical Surveillance
    • Asset Searches
    • Background Checks For Criminal and Civil Matters
    • Business/Personal Credit Reports
    • Character/Personal Reference Interviews
    • Criminal and Civil Case Preparation
    • Employment History Verification
    • Loss prevention
    • Motor Vehicle Records/Driving History
    • Patent Infringements
    • Personal Property Search
    • Pre/Post Employment Security Verification Checks
    • Professional License/Certification Verification
    • Real Estate Property Searches
    • Search for Numbered and Named Companies
    • Undercover Investigations
    • Witness Locating and Interviewing

    LTD & Associates maintains a national and international reputation, our investigations have taken us throughout Canada, United States, Europe, Central America and South Africa.

  • Two people have been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into a £2m fraud in south-west England.

    A woman, 43, and a 23-year-old man were arrested in Glasgow on suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud and money-laundering offences.

    Some 300 mainly elderly people have been tricked out of money, police said.

    Victims of the fraud are given "elaborate and convincing" reasons to withdraw cash which is then sent by taxi or courier.

    The two latest victims, in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and Tiverton, Devon, lost £98,000. Other victims have been from the Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall areas.

    'Elaborate and convincing' Properties were searched in the Castlemilk and Crosshill areas of Glasgow, a police spokesman said.

    Officers seized a high-value car and a "significant" amount of money following the searches, officers said.

    The spokesman said victims of the crimes in the Devon and Cornwall and Wiltshire police force areas had been duped out of about £2m by fraudsters since March.

    They said the scam involves criminals phoning victims, who are normally elderly, and pretending to be a police officer.

    The victims are then encouraged by the fraudster, who uses "elaborate and convincing" reasons to withdraw large sums of cash, which they are then asked to send to a destination by taxi or a courier, or by electronic transfer to another bank account.

    Det Insp Tony Hubbard said he was worried the 300 police know about "may just be the tip of the ...

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    In een verkiezing seizoen gedomineerd door binnenlandse economische kwesties, nam buitenlands beleid centrumstadium voor de eerste keer op de laatste avond van de democratische nationale conventie, zoals de Voorzitter en andere hoge ambtenaren de administratie successen in het buitenland in de afgelopen vier jaar geworven. “In een wereld van nieuwe bedreigingen en nieuwe uitdagingen, kunt u kiezen leiderschap dat is getest en bewezen,” zei de Voorzitter Barack Obama tijdens zijn toespraak tot de democratische nationale conventie in Charlotte, NC op donderdag avond. Zowel de Voorzitter campagne en die van zijn Republikeinse uitdager Mitt Romney zelden heb vermeld bij vraagstukken van buitenlands beleid momenteel te kampen met de natie. Gallup peilingen toonde de economie blijft de nummer een kwestie voor twee-derde van de Amerikanen dit jaar. Maar, terwijl Obama voor Amerika personeel hebben verwezen naar de kwestie vaker – markeren het einde van de oorlog in Irak, betrokkenheid in Azië en het doden van Osama bin Laden – de Romney campagne grotendeels de kwestie van de tafel heeft verlaten. Romney personeel is nog meer terughoudend om hun kandidaat buitenlands beleid standpunten nadat de voormalige gouverneur van Massachusetts zijn gebrek aan ervaring tijdens een reis in het buitenland dit jaar toonde geweest. Op donderdag, de Voorzitter maakte meldi...