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Susanna Miles

United States


Member since August 28, 2012

  • Latin America Adventure Travel Presents Contrasts From Top To Bottom

    Communication, Environmental Design

    From the top to the bottom of the continent tourists in the Latin America adventure travel category will be likely to find what they are searching for. Some adventurers seek intellectual excitement and other are after thrills that are purely sensational. In between the two extremes there is a cornucopia of interesting activities that involve both thought and sensation.

    The world is in the process of transforming rapidly, with economic power shifting rapidly away from North America and Western Europe to a group of countries known as the BRICK countries. Brazil is an important member of this group which includes India, China and Korea. People who are seeking adventures of the mind will be interested to see the process of transformation in progress when they visit Brazil.

    For some people adventure travel means night life, parties and social activities. For them there can hardly be a more attractive event than the Rio Carnival in Brazil. Around the costumes, music and dancing there are many other activities of a social nature. The vibrant colors and movements delight the senses of thousands every year.

    The Falkland Islands and the Galapagos islands are two independent territories that afford great opportunities to see and hear action. The former is yet another British anachronism. Once an outpost of the British Empire it seems to defy time by calling for military action from the British monarchy periodically, for all the world as though the now dead British Empire is still alive and kicking.

    Charles Darwin made the Galapagos islands famous. In the tiny heads of oblivious tortoises and other creatures are the seeds of the theory of evolution. Tourists may tread in the footsteps of the great naturalist and experience the actual sensations lying behind the ideas that changed the way human kind saw itself.

    Thrill seekers tend to use machines or precipices to set the heart racing but there are others who find adventure at a slower pace. These people might enjoy hiking, trekking or boating. The Amazon forests contain the few places that there are left on Earth still fairly primitive and wild. The remaining reaches of thinly populated places may be explored and many wild animals and birds seen.

    Mountains and high places are the ideal spots for those who seek thrills in ascending or descending either slowly or rapidly. The Andes mountains range is the longest in the world, traversing seven countries. Dramatic mountain backdrops were viewed by the citizens of ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, the Incas and the Aztecs. Hikers can walk some of the paths that they walked and gaze at the structures that they built.

    Latin America adventure travel offers a wide diversity of interesting and thought provoking activities. From Columbia in the north to Chile in the south there are many and varied opportunities for people to see and do things that are different and interesting. Each country on the continent has its distinctive features though the Spanish language and the Andes mountain range link them loosely into an entity.

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