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Rudy Duke

Fort Calhoun, NE, United States

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  • The Use Of Hygetropin To Treat Turner Syndrome

    Community, Communication Design

    Biochemistry discovered the presence of human growth hormone in the pituitary gland, and scientists discovered a way to synthesize this from recombinant DNA in E. Coli. This hormone, also known as hygetropin, has both cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. The fact remains that there is a great deal of controversy regarding the safety and efficacy of this product.

    The basic claim being made is that human growth hormone, or HGH, can slow down or even reverse the effects of aging on the human body. These claims may be exaggerated, especially considering how a fake version of HGH has been circulated. This occurred after China closed down all their HGH manufacturing due to pressures being placed upon them before the 2008 Olympic Games.

    In America HGH is restricted as a drug which can be dispensed only with a prescription. As such, no herbal or dietary supplements are allowed to contain this product. This has not stopped manufacturers of certain herbal products from using the term HGH in their packaging and advertising. The fact of the matter is, there is no HGH in the product. Instead, there are certain herbs and amino acids which have been show to increase the level of HGH that the body produces.

    There are well-established benefits to the use of this product. It has been tested in small trials on elderly people, and has been found to increase lean muscle mass and bone density. It is not the Fountain of Youth that some tout it as, but it has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of AIDS patients as well as geriatric patients. These are limited trials, however, and the effectiveness of this treatment has not been fully established.

    What it has been shown to do, as reported by many who have been using it regularly, is increase physical performance, decrease healing time from injuries, and bring about a more youthful appearance. These are amazing claims. It is reported that many celebrities have been using it, although they are unwilling to admit to this one way or another due to the illegal nature of the drug.

    As for the legal uses, for many years doctors have treated children with problems of short stature with HGH. Prior to finding a way to synthesize the chemical, it was taken from the pituitary glands of the recently deceased. Europe conducted a large long-term study on this treatment, and found that while it is effective in treating these kids, there is a small increase in the potential for premature death due to long-term use.

    There are several side-effects of HGH. Most of these have been noted in patients who have been getting very high doses, or have been using it for a long time. Fluid retention resulting in swelling is a common side-effect that has been noted, and can potentially become life-threatening when swelling collects around the heart.

    Hygetropin remains a restricted drug which can only be administered by a professional, under the guide of a medical doctor. While this is used primarily to treat children with growth problems, it is effective for other treatments as well. Both AIDS patients and geriatric patients are sometimes treated with HGH in order to increase muscle mass and bone density.

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