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Thomas Soldan

Leesburg, VA, United States


Member since August 21, 2012

Legal matters are sensitive and complicated and needs professional handling. It deals with the legal protection of your rights, thus it's important to make certain to get the services of credible attorneys with vast knowledge and experience for your defense. Thomas Soldan is the name to trust in this situation. Trusted by his clients from various points in Northern Virginia, he has proven his worth in the field of criminal law. His experiences encompasses from misdemeanor defense, DUI, reckless driving , to Assault cases. The site, focuses on the topic Criminal Lawyer Virginia and showcases Mr. Soldan's services from being an injury attorney, civil litigation attorney, DUI attorney , to many others. His field of work covers many fields. He takes pride on his expertise and resources in doing his job. A graduate of Lafayette College, he garnered his J.D. in School of Law of the University of Georgia. Also, he's notable as the co author of Right-Sizing:" Customizing Corporate Compliance to the Small Corporation. He is well known in the local courts of various cities he had litigated. This includes the cities of Fredericksburg, Manassas, Falls Church and Alexandria, and also the counties of Loudoun, Prince William, Rappahannock among others.

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